Cloudy Stream Hot Spring | Jingle Design | World Design Awards 2023

Jingle Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Cloudy Stream Hot Spring is located in Shenyang, China, with an area of 9,700 square meters. A strong sense of being wrapped by a flowing stream is present. The original wooden bench becomes the centerpiece of the lobby, while the curved elements and the block contrast hardness with softness. Besides, the creative arcs, which form the beautiful gyrations of the transitional space and are illuminated by an invisible light source,which piques people’s interest in exploring the room in twists and turns.

It feels like a primitive cave as you turn into the soup pond section. The marks of time and the traces of flowing water carve the unique inner world of the space. The designers have tapped into the power of nature to bring sunlight and greenery into the space, complementing the oriental garden scenery through irregular holes, water shadows and light spots. In addition, there is a clear flow of pedestrian circulation thanks to the specified axial distances between the various pools.

The dressing room is the ultimate in pure white. With no unnecessary structure, the space is separated into three-dimensional boxes, outlined by linear light strips and transparent wall lamps. With these efforts, the designers hope that people can get an inside-out, fully immersing experience that can sooth their mind, body, and soul.

Project Details
Jingle Design

Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai

Project Name
Cloudy Stream Hot Spring

World Design Awards Category
Healthcare Interior

Project Location

Di Ma, Fanlong Zen, Liang Zhao, Zhongnan Liu, Xin An


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