Dali Manjiang Project | L&P Architects | World Design Awards 2021

L&P Architects: Runner-up of World Design Awards 2021. The Yunnan Vanke ManJiang Mixed Use project sits on the prominent corner of Airport Road in the Manjiang area, in between Erhai Sea and Red Mountain, and represents a unique opportunity to integrate and complete the current Dali City master plan alongside a prime location of the renewed waterfront.


Combining the commercial business model with the design strategy working out the best solution was the major commitment that design team had been considered. In order to maximize the client brief value, the approach did conscientiously consider to bring the natural “surrounding value” of Dali directly inside at different layers.

The overall planning approach focuses on embracing harmoniously the surrounding landscape, at pedestrian level the commercial podium of interconnected “terraced hills” is constantly opening up visual inside-out and outside-in continuity towards the lake thus enhancing the visitors experience; at higher level, from the inner part of the site are a set of 3 mid-rise towers offering ad astonishing 360 degrees views, and two of which form intentionally a symbolic “Gate” becoming a new landmark linking the city to the sea.

The design finds its inspiration in the precious tradition of Daly, extracting key elements from its history to be consequently reinterpreted by providing a more contextualized and contemporary response. Therefore, the memorable Three Pagodas of Temple suggest to transfer their remarkable architectural aspect by expressing such beautiful rhythm of horizontal elements onto the ManJiang Three Towers volume, which assume a peaceful beauty very much appropriate in respect to such wonderful waterfront location. The elegant spandrel design carefully displayed in a vertical array along the whole façade, seems reflecting and crystallizing the movement of the water of Erhai Sea, as well establishing a correlation with the close Red Mountain.

On the lower level, the centralized main entrance becomes the catalyst, emphasized by the presence of two big sweeping canopies which shapes take direct expressiveness from the traditional arch roof typically found in the Yunnan area. The journey along the street retail is identified by a sequence of “framed retail shop typology” which create an original and exciting variety of “indoor-outdoor” and “semi-indoor-outdoor” terraced spaces of gathering bringing to Dali a new shopping experience.

The use of beige and brown palette applied to the commercial development not only attributes to the overall a sober and contemporary “Look&Feel”, but in particular reflects the intention of bring to memory the tone of colour of the timber, largely adopted to compose most of the heritage architecture of Dali.

Project Details
L&P Architects

Project Name
Dali Manjiang Project

L&P Architects

World Design Awards Category
Mixed-Use Concept

Project Location
Yunnan, China

Gang LI, Kris NI, June YU, Francesco SACCONI, Rick BLANKESTIJN, Zi LIANG

HKSAR, China

Photography ©Credit
©L&P Architects

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