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Kris Lin International Design: Runner-up of World Design Awards 2021. Platinum World the Bund locates in the triangle area formed by the three active zones,the Bund, Lujiazui and the North Bund and enjoys the prospects of development in the area. Adjacent to North Sichuan Road Park and Hailun Park,the designer draws the inspiration of the landmark parks with history of decades and implants the concept of oriental garden into the design. This implies a natural and quality living environment under hundreds of years of humanity. The project has 2 floors. The 1st floor is the building entrance. Artifacts like the rickshaw and phonograph of old Shanghai customs bring guests into the beautiful life of Oriental Garden. 2nd floor is the VIP reception area. The design of modern new oriental style offers guests the experience of humanistic charm of oriental garden and ceremony feeling of going home.


The Park

Being close to the two landmark parks North Sichuan Road Park and Hailun Park, the advantage of location is very rare in downtown area. So, we apply into the design the concept of the park. Implant park concept in indoor space. It has not only the oriental conception of bridge and flowing water, but also the harmony of human and the nature. It is the destination to seek leisure, tranquility and poetic charm deep in the heart.    

  1. Movement of Steps and Shift of Scenes

In China, the highest image of the park is the oriental garden. The oriental garden is the legacy of the Chinese aristocracy. It has the implicit personality of the Chinese and the looming oriental garden spirit.

    The bridge and flowing water, fashion elements, together with the light and shadow as well as other elements, the scene shifted with movement of steps stressed by the oriental culture is realized in the interior space.

  1. Bridge

Separated by waterscape and the corridor to establish privacy, the interior bridge built with marble becomes the sole connection of VIP room and corridor. It improves the oriental beauty in the interior space and shows the fun and ingenuity of the design. 

  1. Flowing Water

As the proverb goes, beautiful water attracts people to come and beautiful waterfront attracts people to enter. The designer moves the waterscape from exterior to the interior and express the wish to the harmony between human and the nature by application of lotus pond in many areas. The artistic metal lotus leaf runs through the oriental charm of modern humanity and brings special fashion of metal. The two cultures communicate and collide with each other within the space and form special charm of oriental garden.    

  1. Peach Tree

In China, peach tree implies people’s wishes to happy life. Light pink peach tree and light grey profile wall form the oriental charm in the overall interior space.

  1. Screen

The profile walls orderly stand on the floor behind the peach tree like ancient Chinese style screen. Simple metal lines and elegant color match make the space peace and pleasant while bringing into space the wishes for happy life of oriental people.        

  1. Metal Gold

 Metal frame gold is applied to separate the VIP room. The elegant geometry metal gold not only ensures the privacy of VIP room, but also makes the overall space transparent. In the daytime when the sunshine enters, the light and shadow make the space more bright and alive.

Project Details
Kris Lin International Design

Project Name
The Park

Kris Lin 

World Design Awards Category
Public Building Interior Built

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Kris Lin, Jiayu Yang


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