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Vantree Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. DHAWA Jinan Daming Lake is located in Baihua pond, the traditional block of Jinan, Shandong, which has predominantly renovation of ancient buildings complex. Different cultural protection buildings are distributed among them. The main building of the project, formerly known as Jinan Jiangxi Guild Hall, also known as the Wanshou Palace. It covers an area of approximately 9800 square meters and has a design area of approximately 16200 square meters. Is important to retain existing texture in urban regeneration projects as such. So the design relies on the existing layout of the building complex to reinterpret the main hall, ancient stage, dining and wing rooms.

The former site of the Jiangxi Guild Hall is a commercial guild hall among the ten major halls in Jinan. It was built during the Qing Dynasty as a public activity place for Jiangxi compatriots to gather, socialize and live in the old days. The surrounding historical buildings were expanded and repaired in 2000. However, the spatial functions have not been effectively transformed and utilized. Entering a new era of inheriting culture and moving forward, the renovation design requires thinking about the dual meanings of the project’s commercial and public cultural space. Based on the protection and promotion of historical culture, innovative spatial connection methods are used to integrate historical and cultural traditional elements and activate them. Architectural function, exploring the new state of the hotel’s public space.

DHAWA’s transformation responds to the existing traditional texture of the block in a sustainable way. The lobby bar and lobby are enclosed on the basis of the original building complex, transforming the courtyard of it into a new indoor public space, and the two old antique buildings are reconnected in terms of spatial relationship. The grille glass serves as the ceiling, bringing out natural light as lighting, reducing the consumption of electricity and heat energy in a sustainable way, while connecting the indoors and outdoors to form an open and bright new public space. Moreover, the lobby is enclosed by transparent glass walls to ensure the penetration of sight, and the transparent glass staircase connects the two floors of space. Afterwards the new public space and the old site of the outdoor Jiangxi Guild Hall will form multiple and natural integrations, allowing guests to experience the upcoming classical and modern collision leisure journey in the light and shadow.

Through the reorganization of spatial relationships, the design reinterprets people’s social relationships within the spatial pattern of Jinan’s traditional quadrangle dwellings, and presents the renewal of the public space from both commercial and cultural. The design relies on the Jiangxi Guild Hall and the surrounding antique historical buildings in Baihua pond. On the premise of protecting and repairing the original architectural as much as possible, it transforms the space of DHAWA through the narrative of Jiangxi business gangs’ visits, combined with Jinan’s traditional characteristics and cultural themes. It is a microcosm of local historical diversity and brings cultural and vitality to Daming Lake.

As a cultural window that displays Jinan’s regional characteristics, the lobby was renovated basing on the original courtyard of Jiangxi Guild Hall. The design repairs and protects the original building. As for the concept, comes from the love story between Xia Yuhe and the Emperor Qianlong. Extracted the imagery from the story, and combined with exclusive colors from the Jinan opera, the theme wall uses local materials and construction in the form of an array of glass umbrellas and mirrored lotus leaves, which creates a distinct and dynamic hotel space. In addition, the lobby and lobby bar, dining and public space, and banquet hall are organized into two floors of interconnected spaces that can host various activities. Actually, the redesigned DAHAWA Daming Lake reflects today’s new social life and lifestyle based on culture, tourism, and leisure. It improves the relationship between the old building and the environment, and the transformed space also becomes an extension of the existing Daming Lake landscape. A part that enables modern space to form a more friendly interaction with residents and the city.

The all-day dining restaurant on the second floor is inspired by the luggage of the Jiangyou Business Gang. Integrating local elements into the space organically through combination and modern techniques, and reinterpret the lively of the traditional Jinan street market. Also consider the visual connection between the dining and the outdoor Daming Lake landscape.

The inspiration for the rooftop bar comes from the bustling ancient wine shop, which transform the functional attributes of items into symbols and uses mirror to enhance the sense of the “wine shop” scene.

The guest room area is the wing room of the original Jiangxi Guild Hall, which has been renovated and arranged according to the traditional quadrangle dwellings, creating a presidential suite that is different from the inherent apartment hotel style. Different room types respond to the Jinan style thematically and are also connected with the landscape of Baihua pond historical block.

The project specially created a Gathering Nest in the guest room area as a public activity place that gathers tourists from all walks of life. By exaggerating the scene elements of businessmen tasting tea and discussing affairs, the weighing pan and woven cotton yarn with the symbolic meaning of transactions are placed in the space, and the material, color tone and lighting present a party space full of sense of history.

The spa draws on the characteristics of the beautiful picture scroll of Jinan’s “No. 1 Spring in the World” which is winding paths, towering ancient trees and rippling clear springs. Modern, simple, stylish elements are combined with curved wood veneer and water ripple ceiling. The interior design part echoes the outdoor spring pool and the landscape among the weeping willows. People feel as if they are in the elegant and chic style of Daming Lake’s fusion of curved water and modernity.

Due to the unique historical background of the project, it’s necessary to inherit culture, enter into new era, utilizing innovation and integration capabilities to activate building functions. Transforming traditional buildings requires overcoming the difficulties of tracing back to centuries old humanities, reconstructing cultural elements, and sorting out light and shadow, new and old air and water supply and sewerage systems, creating a modern commerce hospitality space and revitalizing new vitality. Taking modern social behavior as a starting point, designer team provides a comfortable environment for guests from all over the world.

It is a unique advantage of DHAWA to have the ability to address long-term sustainability and retain the original texture in urban regeneration projects as such. Minimizing energy consumption to achieve sustainability, creating a recreational hospitality space that are in line with modern commerce, presenting urban cultural characteristics, and revitalizing material heritage.

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Vantree Design

Muchuan Xu

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DHAWA Jinan Daming Lake

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Hospitality Built

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Muchuan Xu, Shangzhao Yang, Minxi Cai, Qijun Lu, Zhongning Zhang, Xiaofeng Li, Lingjing He, Guanbao Ye, Junjie Li, Jiajun Yin, Dejun Li, Yuhong Peng, Zhuohui Hu, Yiming Huang


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