Hengli Health City Sales Office | BACE DESIGN | World Design Awards 2023

BACE DESIGN: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. This project draws reference and deconstructs of the classical Chinese private garden, Liuyuan, balancing its layout with a combination of Eastern classical aesthetic elements and contemporary design techniques, creating a unique sense of sequence and ceremony.

The reception hall extracts elements from classical garden design, such as the culture of mountains and waters, redefining its characteristics through mass evolution, compositional relationships, and the juxtaposition of materials and textures, resulting in a much more distinct hierarchy. Right from the beginning, it outlines a grand Eastern ambiance.

The arched doorway, delicate yet not entirely revealed, like the beauty of the moon, embodies the Eastern understanding of restraint and humility. The space gradually progresses, guiding visitors inward and arousing their desire to explore.

The minimalist and spacious sand table area, accessed through quiet and serene corridors, leads to a vibrant sand table space, resembling an unexpectedly serene paradise. The trailing vines above the sand table seem to confirm this, quietly hanging there, bearing witness to the passage of time.

The charm of the wooded mountains, ancient trees, and unique stones blends seamlessly into the relaxed yet profound negotiation area, exuding an elegant beauty in every detail.

Project Details

Lu Zhong

Project Name
Hengli Health City Sales Office

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location
Suzhou City

Sun Jiaqi, Fan Huacong, Tan Huijun


Photography ©Credit

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