DNA of the light | Atelier Die DNA des Lichtes | Architect of the Year Awards 2021

Atelier Die DNA des Lichtes: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2021. The birth of a new form of artistic expression. The fascination of light and the spectral components are to be observed in nature with the rainbow and with the help of a glass prism. With the prism one can separate the light into its colored components, red, green, blue and their mixtures. Or, if one looks through the prism the whole environment becomes colored.

LED technology allows to reverse this process. So white light can be created with a red, green and blue LED. And by changing the colored light components, fascinating light effects are created. This led to the DNA of light and to painting with the colors of light.

Light meets Art – Art meets Light

When ART receives the word, it can only communicate with us with the help of light.

ART and light live from each other. We took this principle to the next level by creating visual arts, using the colors of the light.

We make the colors of the light with the corresponding motifs visible as a picture. The creative process is very similar to painting.

Just as the painter consciously chooses the colors, mixes and applies to implement his image idea, we choose the components of the DNA of the light and their mixtures to realize our ideas. Thus a platform for new ART with the potential the themes of art such as flora, fauna, still life, nude, geometry, etc. expressionist to reinterpret.

Stunning novel creations made their way!
That this is not just an assumption on our part and on the part of our visitors, is confirmed by the awarding of three internationally prestigious design and art awards. ( iF Design Award 2021 Interior, (AMP) Architecture MasterPrize 2021 and TAC World Design Award 2021

Project Details
Atelier Die DNA des Lichtes

Project Name
DNA of the light

Paul Heinrich Neuhorst Ilka Henkel

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Lighting Design

Project Location

Ilka Henkel


Photography ©Credit
©Atelier Die DNA des Lichtes

The studio the DNA of light was established in the halls of an old factory. Pictures of unsurpassed color brilliance with extraordinary motifs are presented. The fascination of light and its spectral components have given rise to these images.

  • Painting with the colors of light. –

The printing of these images can be done on various materials such as textiles, foils, cardboard, aluminum, sheet metal, glass or plexiglass.

When printing on glass or plexiglass, self-luminous images and light impressions are possible by backlighting with LED technology.

The colors in the paintings change.
With the technology of the Atelier, special ideas of customers can also be realized.
This new art direction was awarded the iF Design Award for architecture and interior design in 2021.Also with  the Architecture MasterPrize 2021 ((AMP)) and TAC World Design Award 2021