DOJI Tower by DOJI & NKB Archi Vietnam |World Design Awards 2020

DOJI & NKB Archi Vietnam Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. The architecture of the Doji tower is inspired by the diamond, one of the most precious and rarest gems in nature. Mr. Do Minh Phu as lead designer and architects from NKB Archi Vietnam did not want this building to be merely a shopping mall similar to other projects, but to build a creative and distinct architectural masterpiece in a historical location in Hanoi.

With distinctive architecture that combines classical and modern styles, Doji tower stands and shines like an exquisite giant diamond in downtown Hanoi. Doji Tower has been recognized in the national record as the largest diamond-shaped building in Vietnam and employs the most gold and gem decorations. The high quality and durable materials were chosen ranging from 6-level marble base to a 10-level diamond shape block with custom made specialty glass.

With a floor area of 1,658 m2 and a total area for use of nearly 19,000 m2, 16 floors, and 3 basements, the first five floors are designed to become a modern shopping center of gold, gems, and jewelry with a total floor area of over 5,000 m2. The Doji tower is the largest Center for gold, gems, and jewelry in Vietnam and is the headquarters of the Doji Gold and Gem group.

The building opened with an inauguration ceremony on September 6, 2019. Doji tower is situated in an auspicious area of Hanoi at the junction of three historic streets as well as three districts.

The base of the building has six floors and is completely tiled with the natural marble Cream Marphil, cut and trimmed, forming a solid and compelling base for the upper floors.

The 7th floor to the highest floor forms an enormous diamond block. This giant block is formed from thousands of special glass sheets made exclusively for DOJI Tower, bringing a one-of-a-kind light effect during both daytime and nighttime. The sky of Hanoi

The sky of Hanoi is truthfully reflected on the glass surface; therefore, the building has its color change in accordance with the varying sky color, which is called the ‘blue sky’ effect.

In addition, these glass sheets were required to be made under absolutely rigorous standards in order to ensure environmental friendliness, no radiation, UV protection, and no glare feeling as the oblique cutting of the sections of glass has eliminated the reflection factor.

DOJI Tower has four entrances, which have arches designed out of special colored glass representing the signature iridescent, red, blue, and emerald color of each respective gem after which the entrances are named: the Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald entrances.

With delicacy and meticulousness, architects have brought to Doji tower a completely different and impressive look. Golden yellow is employed as the building’s dominant color, which is also the color representing the business area of Doji gold and gems group. Molding, patterns, and many decorative elements inside the building are plated and coated with valuable 24K gold, which was carefully fashioned by the hands of master jewelry and ceramic artisans. 

Stepping through the majestic entrance into the first floor of Doji tower, visitors feel like they have walked into an opulent castle. Interior of each floor in the building is equipped with high-quality facilities, appliances as well as decorative items. All meeting rooms are decorated in terms of color and equipment, in accordance with the gems they are named after and include Ruby, a large meeting room, Amethyst, the idea exchange room, Sapphir, a large meeting room, Opal, a community room.

Do Minh Phu and the architects from NKB Archi Vietnam designed the Doji Tower as a landmark to promote Hanoi as being a Vietnamese Center for Gold, Gem, and Jewelry

trading providing multiple venues for this kind of shopping. The diamond-shaped design blends form with function and stand as a symbol of the importance of this industry in the country. As reported by the architect community and in the media, Doji tower has overcome countless challenges through many years of design and construction to become an architectural masterpiece, a splendid diamond high-rise, and a symbol of creativity using unlimited innovative ideas.

Firm: DOJI & NKB Archi Vietnam
Architects: DOJI & NKB Archi Vietnam
Category: Commercial Built
Project Location: Hanoi
Team: Do Minh Phu & Nkb Archi Vietnam
Country: Vietnam
Photography ©Credit: LE VIET KHANH