Infor by Beyond Design Architects And Consultants | World Design Awards 2020

Beyond Design Architects And Consultants: Third Award of World Design Awards 2020.

Firm: Beyond Design Architects And Consultants
Architects: Alhad Gore
Category: Corporate Interior Built
Project Location: Bangalore
Team: Ajay Tonpe, Gopal Ade

Country: India
Photography ©Credit: Beyond Design Architects And Consultants

Beyond Design Architects and Consultants was formed in 2009 to deliver a holistic design approach towards interior and Architectural projects.

The firm has delivered over 250 projects pan India since then and has completed or undertaken 9 million Sft of work.

The firm is known for its creative work and has won 8 national and international awards and the work has been published widely across various magazines and social media platforms.

The firm engages in the latest technologies of BIM and VR for better delivery of projects and firmly believes that design has to be “ Human “.