Dongguan Poly BEAMING LIFE | Gnd N+ Design | World Design Awards 2023

Gnd N+ Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Dongguan, located in the core area of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, has the golden waterway on the east bank of Pearl River. With complete surrounding facilities and multi-dimensional traffic network, Poly BEAMING LIFE is located in the central area of Houjie and easily fits into the central city of Dongguan.

Breathable inhabitable aesthetic space

The essence of life lies in the interrelations between people, space and nature. In the design, ‘105 layout type’ is positioned as a breathable inhabitable aesthetic space. The natural texture is conveyed through the quiet wooden tone. Meanwhile, the borderless design of the public area presents an abundant visual enjoyment and emotional experience, and expresses the life philosophy and spiritual yearning of the residents.

In the living room, modern simple furniture is combined with natural marble art wall, and natural light is brought in maximally to present the harmonious transition, gentle ease of living with nature, as well as the cultivation of elegant aesthetics and the infinite yearning for authenticity.

The master bedroom is endowed with natural beauty, and the bay window “frames” the outdoor scenery into indoors, bringing a refreshing experience. Plain color elements run throughout the whole space. Irregular floriculture and decorative ornaments break the routine and add a flowing visual aesthetic beauty under lights and shadows.

Based on the original pattern, the soft decoration design conducts in-depth research from multiple dimensions such as population, scene, function and quality, maximizes the natural advantages of the environment and architecture, optimizes the customization of space scenario, and accommodates the all-in-one home experience integrating lifestyle, family relationship, and social interaction.

Project Details
Gnd N+ Design

Ning Rui

Project Name
Dongguan Poly BEAMING LIFE

World Design Awards Category
Residential Interior Built

Project Location

Owner representatives: Qiu Wuzhao, Liang Shan, Xiao Ying, Ou Shiguan, Hui Haosheng, Yang Ning, Du Yanhua, Hu Huamin


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