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QILI CREATION INTERIOR DESIGN CO. LTD: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Excavating the culture of the Tang Dynasty, the traditional but not conservative sense of ceremony and the sense of leisure coexist, the sense of quality and comfort blend to emphasize the relationship between colors, excitement.

The point of drama, create surprise and discovery from condensed to open, from hidden to explicit, visible. Through the creation of the environment to highlight

The lifestyle represented by the current elite, as well as the admiration for Oriental aesthetics and art. Combining fashion with Oriental poetry,

To create a life that belongs to contemporary Chinese people.

People miss the prosperous Tang ️

Lust for a dance of ten bright

Looking forward to things brushed off the Sayan

It is better to hide the Tang Dynasty in front of you and stay beside you

When modern quality meets Oriental charm

Instant collision with a different kind of poetry and amorous feelings

Swastika pattern · Gold tassel · Copper incense burner · camphor wood box

Ancient rhymes meander through thousands of years

In the modern urban 🏙 poetic

Marble · Leather sofa · Shaped table · Artifact

After the drawing, simple and generous

The living room is a collection of styles

Large patches of Chinese red cut through the gold background

Full of wine ten thousand grace

The ceiling depicts gold swastika pattern

Matching reference to Luban lock style chandelier

Carved out a simple and modern elegant temperament

Low saturation modern row sofa, low-key comfort

The individual lounge sofa is bright blue

Bumping into the red gold of the whole a touch of contrast

The warmth of Tang Dynasty, the ease of modern, harmonious unity

The outdoor swastika style tea pavilion connects with nature

Describe the poetic daily life of “Sitting alone in a yellow bamboo”

A sense of cultural longevity and comfort spread here

So-called inheritance

It’s the culture that keeps growing

Is the form of innovation everywhere

It is to leave the traditional and keep the classic

Project Details

Liang Xiong

Project Name
Palm Springs Villa

World Design Awards Category
Private Residential Interior Built

Project Location

Liang Xiong


Photography ©Credit
©Liang Xiong

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