DoThink • Greencore Villa | Taizhou DoThink Real Estate Co., Ltd. | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Taizhou DoThink Real Estate Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. Greencore Villa faces Feilong Lake and nestles against Hutou Mountain. The beautiful lake and mountain landscapes provides the project with favorable site conditions to create an upscale residential community that embraces mountain and lake in the main urban area of Taizhou, China.

Occupying a gross floor area of around 400,000㎡, the project is aimed to create a purely low-density residential development composed of Chinese-style courtyard dwellings, which are rare in Taizhou and even Zhejiang Province. Drawing inspiration from the lightweight, soft architectural aesthetics in the Song Dynasty, the project adopts simplistic design languages to create Chinese-style residential buildings that fit into modern aesthetics and the lifestyle of locals. Inspired by traditional Chinese gardens in Ming and Qing dynasties, the garden design draws on the imagery and classic elements from a famous landscape painting by Wen Zhengming – a renowned painter in the Ming Dynasty, thereby creating “four axes, two water systems, five settings and thirteen scenes”. Moreover, the design adopts elements such as plants, flowers, moon gates, elegant paving and unique rocks, and employs intriguing artistic techniques that combine twists and turns, the dynamic and the tranquil, so as to produce an ideal living environment featuring “ home in garden, and garden in home”.

Each Chinese-style courtyard house has a floor area of about 330㎡ to 610㎡, and extracts the quintessence of traditional Chinese residences. The design utilizes advanced techniques and materials, aiming to redefine the lifestyle of local elites.

Project Details
Taizhou DoThink Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Project Name
DoThink • Greencore Villa

Jin Ou

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Upto 5 Floors Concept

Project Location
Taizhou, Zhejiang Province

Jin Ou


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©Taizhou DoThink Real Estate Co., Ltd.

DoThink is a leading comprehensive real estate developer in China, and is a HKEX-listed company. After 26 years of development, DoThink has expands its footprint to 25 cities nationwide, and has served more than 100,000 households. It has been included in the “Top-100 Chinese Real Estate Companies” list for 8 consecutive years, with its ranking rising to 51 in the year of 2021. The company insists on a development mode that combines housing with industrial, commercial and cultural properties, and focuses on advantageous resources and enables their mutual empowerment. Based on the brand positioning — “Your Life Confidant”, DoThink is strengthening its business in Zhejiang and Yangtze River Delta, and meanwhile steadily expanding its presence in major cities nationwide.