VÌLLE | Nantong Junxiu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Nantong Junxiu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. With a green coverage ratio of approximately 46%, the project creates a tranquil and luxury living environment in the city’s central area. A vertical axis of green landscape connects nine clusters of gardens. A swimming pool, a sunken plaza and stilt-floor spaces are arranged along the central landscape axis. Moreover, through artistic foyers, creative sculptures, distinct waterscapes, tree-planted courtyards, romantic lawns and etc., a progressive ritual sequence is set out to welcome dwellers returning home.

Chongzhou Avenue, stretching along the central axis of Central Innovation District in Nantong City, connects with Guanyin Hill in the north and a national high & new tech development zone in the south. Several landmarks, including Central Forest Park, Zilang Lake Park, Nantong Grand Theater and International Convention Center, are located along the axis, leading the city’s future development. Based on high-tech architectural aesthetics, white aluminum plates and creamy white stones are carefully selected to present a refined noble entrance with a sense of rituality and order. Referring to glass curtain wall design of international luxurious residences, a large area of light blue glass with dark gray aluminum plates is mounted, to outline an international-style crystal diamond facade. In addition, dark gray stylish metal paint adds a calm texture to the facades, which reveal the urban aesthetics of Nantong City.

    Drawing on the latest international concepts and aiming to improve the standards of high-quality housing, this project is an upscale residential community co-developed by Logan and Yuexiu Group. With upscale architectural facilities and an international luxurious and comfortable style, it brings a new, upgraded living environment to the city.  Arising in the center of the city, the project incorporates sophisticated craftsmanship and a luxurious environment, which will lead quality urban life in China and attract the attention of local elites.

Project Details
Nantong Junxiu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

Project Name

Wei Jinyang

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Multi- Family Concept

Project Location
Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China

Wei Jinyang


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©Nantong Junxiu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Nantong Junxiu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is the developer of this project. It’s a company co-founded by LOGAN and YUEXIU PROPERTY for collaborative property development.

Founded in 1983, LOGAN’s business scope mainly covers residential development, urban renewal, commercial operation, industrial operation, smart services and transportation investment. Established in the same year, YUEXIU PROPERTY is a comprehensive real estate developer that strives to “create a better life”. For this project, the two companies worked with exceptional design teams, and incorporated their previous experience in developing upscale residences, aiming to create a luxurious, stylish and quality living environment.