Eliava park || artytechs || Architect of the Year Awards 2020

artytechs : Runner-Up of Architect of the Year Awards 2020. Georgia is an important transit country and with its geopolitical location it represents a bridge between the West and Central Asian countries. Georgia has unique resources, rich with economic and intellectual potential, attractive with natural resources, mineral and fresh waters and tourist attractions.

The simulated bridge in the park – a Silk Roads fragment- highlights its historical significance to the country. The Silk Road encompassed various regions, including Georgia’s nearest neighbor countries, Turkey and Greece. On a bridge there are different symbols of the countries featuring locations of which Silk Road would normally pass. Each symbol is made of iron nets hanging on a wire rope. At night these illuminated models can be clearly perceived from distance as the symbols of Silk road countries. Illuminated hanging models are in accordance of a silk road map, each symbol representing a particular country highlighting its location on a historical road. These symbols include Turkey -Aya Sofia, Greece-Parthenon, Argonauts and Jvari monastery as a symbol of Christianity and country’s’ history.

We believe this idea creates interesting space, both historically and tourist oriented.

Mostly space is provided for cafes and Georgian souvenir shops, where old Georgian traditions, artifacts and spirit will be restored. There are also open cafes, fountains and umbrellas as lighting elements. On the territory there is a monument of a man playing chess, with a free chair on the opposite to take photos, imitating a game of chess.

The green spaces, surrounded by the concrete path as depicted on the map of Old Tbilisi, is distinguished by various species of trees, ornamental plants and recreational spaces. They include a Japanese garden, a spruce area and a corner for ornamental trees, as well as metal chairs with imitating leaves and a branch of a tree, scattered in all areas of the square. Park is illuminated with Georgian alphabet, adding more interest to the park and which will also attract tourists. Every corner of the square is different and interesting.

The square also features an open-air amphitheater for events. Along the open cafes there will be a water mirror with glass a surface and a children’s zone with 3 meter tall book that will automatically leaf through a book and narrate fairy tale for children with acoustically vivid sounds and illustrated images.

Firm || artytechs
Project Name || Eliava park
Architect || Daduna Shatashvili
Architect of the Year Award Category || Urban Design Concept

Project Location || Georgia. Tbilisi
Team || Darejan (Daduna)Sahatashvili lead architect. George lejava. Levan Otarashvili
Country || Georgia
Photography ©Credit || ©artytechs

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