Habitat 29 || Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute || Architect of the Year Awards 2020

Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute : Runner-Up of Architect of the Year Awards 2020. The property is located on the banks of the Love River, overlooking the mountains and rivers of the port of Kaohsiung. It is located in an important and unique urban landscape. Due to the geographical conditions, a sustainable building was needed to address the many issues of the location.

Walking around the project you will notice it is surrounded by the U-shaped glass wall on the first floor allowing the residents to connect with the outside but still maintain some aspect of privacy and isolation. This wall reduces both visual and auditory noise. The exterior overhang is pillarless and stands out, creating a feeling of suspension for pedestrians and residents of the building.

The building is primarily white and this layer continues from the base to the outer frame of the high-rise floor. The white layer contrasts with the low-reflective black aluminum metal plate. The white Sto coating not only reduces the maintenance cost of the building, but also achieves the energy-saving effect of heat insulation.

When light hits the framework at different times, light and shadow appear differently in each space. At the same time, it expresses people’s demand for a habitat in the natural environment and highlights the concept of habitat protection for all things. In any habitat, you have to have greenery, foliage and shrubbery and Habitat 29 tried to be as green as possible.

A large amount of greenery exists on the relay and roof layer of the building. This is integrated into the green roof irrigation system, enabling the green space to achieve energy-saving benefits through its system and plant greenery. 32mm-thick Low-E glass was used for the exterior of the building. In summer, heat radiation such as ultraviolet and near-infrared rays of the sun can be blocked from entering the room.

A large window is on the right side of the reception and opposite the entrance. A landscape pool was created, that extends from the outdoor to the interior forging a connection and interaction between the interior and the exterior. The flowing ripple reflection of the landscape pool adds an aesthetic level and a sense of nature to the interior hall. A lot of foliage and trees are planted around the building and the driveway to form a natural canopy for the entrance and exit of the driveway. At the same time, proper greenery can also promote the coordination between nature and the building.

Firm || Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Project Name || Habitat 29
Architect || Keng-Fu Lo
Architect of the Year Award Category || Housing Concept

Project Location || Kaohsiung city, Taiwan
Team || Keng-Fu Lo
Country || Taiwan
Photography ©Credit || ©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

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