Extruded Waterfront Tiny House by John A Simonetti Architect LLC | World Design Awards 2020

John A Simonetti Architect LLC: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020.

Firm: John A Simonetti Architect LLC
Architects: John A Simonetti
Category: Residential Build
Project Location: Narragansett
Team: John A Simonetti

Country: United States
Photography ©Credit: John A Simonetti

” John A Simonetti AIA LEED Green Associate GREEN SRES is a registered Architect in RI, MA, CT, and PA and runs his own Architecture firm, John A Simonetti Architect LLC.  Mr. Simonetti just received an award form an international publication for Best Custom Sustainable Domestic Design Firm – North East USA Best Modern New England Vernacular Design 2020:  New Sustainable Pool House Garden Pavilion.  John has been practicing Architecture since 1992, and obtained a Masters and Bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. He also runs two non profits that he founded teaching underprivileged children Architecture and Mural Painting, the National Architectural Engineering Sustainable Urban Youth Initiative Inc., and MetroArts for Young Artists-Rhode Island MetroArts Inc, John also has received a citizen citations from the Mayor of Central Falls, and Providence for his work with the students. John is also an avid photographer, an artist, and a philanthropist.”