Fabernovel | French House Design | World Design Awards 2023

French House Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. In Fabernovel’s design, flexible public areas can be seen everywhere to ban the traditional meeting room, allowing employees to get away from the computer, gain a more unrestrained and barrier-free team cooperation mode in the process of communication, stimulate more inspiration through efficient brainstorm, and bring these inspiration together in a unified community to maximize work efficiency.

Open and share office space to improve personnel communication and create a good community environment

The flexibility of office provides convenience for employees and potential variability solutions for future development.

The space design is younger, more interesting and inspires employees.

The variety of color is another highlight of this space. French House Design used the “Impact” of color to inject dramatic language into Fabernovel, and become a passionable and interesting office atmosphere. The use of different saturation colors is like soft and heavy music notes. Each collision is clear and loud. Employees can be full of vitality and inspiration from the space. In addition, some interesting details, such as colored metal plates and signs, add lots of personalized emotion to the space.

Material application: environmental sustainability。Safety materials provide employees with a healthy working environment

Romain & Wu Lingxiao

Preserve the texture of the original cement materials of the walls and columns, form an interesting contrast and blank with the environmental protection paint, create a simple and bright, cool and efficient modern industrial style, while avoiding excessive decoration and saving costs.

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French House Design


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Corporate Interior Built

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Wu Lingxiao


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FRENCH HOUSE CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT AND INTERIOR DESIGN (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD was established in 2018, co-founded by well-known designer Romain POIRIER and Ms. Wu Lingxiao, dedicated to interior design and engineering consulting. Since the establishment of French House Company, he has been responsible for the interior design of many well-known brand companies, such as: Patek Philippe Company, Shanghai Office of Midwest International, Galeries Lafayette Department Store, BARTRA Shanghai Office, German FALKE Hong Kong Flagship Store, Gem International Hotel SPA Center, etc. Romain professional ability and unique artistic aesthetic have won the appreciation and trust of the majority of corporate customers.