New headquarters for the Cooperative Credit Bank of Pachino | Scannella Architects | World Design Awards 2021

Scannella Architects: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. In this aphorism by the most important architect of the 20th century, is included the guiding principle about our project; we have not just looking for function or form. We tried to bring together form, function, efficiency, but also feeling, ambition and target.  In a word we tried to translate, through built volumes, the history and future of the banking institution and what it has meant and will mean for the territory. This is the reference, expressed since from the first competition phase, to the concept of flight, arrow, embrace of which that building became translator. It tries to do this in coherence with landscape value suggested by the place, it tries to do this fitting, we believe, harmonically in it by form, materials and colours. It tries to do this paying attention to global sustainability principles, holistic, trying to get back something for that the territory has given and will give. Wants to return lack of pollution, CO2 containment, wants to rebuild green texture not just ornamental green, but structure and useful product, even for give it back to the territory.

It wants also, of course, claim that is possible to build a different present based on the history and ethic system, over stereotypes and trends. It must do this answering to an explicit organizational and functional system, cornerstone of long-term sustainability of the institution and, in this case, still stand the principles of firmitas, utilitas, venustas. Our building is rooted in the ground, materially and densely, but then take the fly in the three dimension space and aim to became “pole” in the morning light and “lantern” in the dark of the night; an existing and discreet landmark. And, rooting in the ground, lean against it even with its external overhangs through the open cavea who take form from the slope. Nothing new under the sun, Greeks did it and we was Magna Grecia. No one technologic or formal choice in this project is taken without a multipurpose answer about target and function and so there isn’t research for located “ornament”. It will be elegant because its innate values, not for the precious covering or for the complexity of the forms.

Project Details
Scannella Architects

Project Name
New headquarters for the Cooperative Credit Bank of Pachino

Scannella Architects

World Design Awards Category
Office Building Concept

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Arch. Giuseppe Scannella, Arch. Filippo Nasca, Ing. Natale Ruberto, Ing. Gabriele Correnti, Arch. Oriana Scannella, Arch. Anna Maria D’Imprima, Ing. Giuseppe Marcedone, Alfio Ardita, Ing. Paolo A. Ignoto, Ing. Gaetano Avola, Ing. Giuseppe Cristaldi, Sergio De Leo


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