FUNWORLD Sales Center, Shantou | Y. DESIGN | World Design Awards 2021

Y. DESIGN: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. The project is a property sales center in Shantou, China. The design integrates local cultural context and architectural elements into the spatial narratives and decorative languages.

The local cultural symbol “Hongtou Ship” is fused into the design, symbolizing the local spirit of fighting and perseverance.

The negotiation area is connected with the property model display area, with white Chinese-style tables and chairs. The art installation on the wall beside the bar counter draws on the form of local traditional curved gables, and is outlined by modern, simple lines.

The bar area with an orange-red background blends modern and traditional styles, and the “Hongtou Ship” sculpture on the bar counter echoes the theme. Paintings on the wall show the characteristics of Chen Cihong’s Former Residence, a local building heritage.

The contract signing area continues oriental symmetrical aesthetics, and the screens with patterns of peacock flowers generate a blurry aesthetic. With the combination of Chinese traditional realistic painting techniques and embroidery craftsmanship, the city flower of Shantou comes to life.

The VIP room features warm tones, highlighted by cinnabar soft upholstery.

The children’s area creates a wonderland for kids, with the playful suspended rail on the ceiling attracting kids’ attention.

The gallery on 2F leading to show flats presents symbolic aesthetics and local art.

The photographic works on both sides of the gallery present the traditional architectural style and historical contexture of Shantou. In addition, the abstract “Hongtou Ship” sculptures with various forms are also displayed in the gallery, recalling past local merchants’ courage of traveling across oceans.

The overall design not only evokes visitors’ emotions and carries the memory of locals, but also displays the ideal of living.

Project Details

Project Name
FUNWORLD Sales Center, Shantou

Sun Zhen

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location
Shantou City



Photography ©Credit

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