BAIYU Ceramic | BOSI-TAO DESIGN Co.,LTD | World Design Awards 2021

BOSI-TAO DESIGN Co.,LTD: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. BAIYU Ceramic
A local brand in Fujian
Change is a contest with yourself
Use wood grain tiles as refined products
Reshape market positioning and new home experience
From the vague and changeable state of brand fragmentation
To a clearly positioned spatial brand identity
Re-introduce the brand to a new generation of young people
Attract audiences with the concept of space representing their lives


The whole space consists of brand experience
model room and material selection area
Consider light, vision, and moving lines in the design process
And the relationship between product and space
Through structural disassembly and orderly reorganization
Use streamlines to scale from size
High and low levels, depth and height
To present the current display space
Strengthen the deep connection between the brand and consumers


Remodeling and innovative design concept
Stick to the focus of expression and construction
For the old and the new, the past and the present
Visual connection between the present and the future
It is a transformation of a brand from a label to a brand.

Project Details

Project Name
BAIYU Ceramic

Zhuyuan Cai

World Design Awards Category
Office Building Built

Project Location
Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

Zhuyuan Cai


Photography ©Credit
©Yujie Liu