GEMDALE MEGACITY | ANTAO | World Design Awards 2022

ANTAO: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Anqing GEMDALE MEGACITY is located in Qintan Lake area, connecting Qintan Lake ecological green space, leading the lake into the park, so as to play the advantages of landscape resources. From the perspective of urban memory and cultural inheritance, we run through the organic process of urban growth, construct identifying symbols and innovate local language and culture with the concept of “culture rejuvenates the city”. On the basis of respecting the site, the ancient trees and the city’s memory are retained, and a vigorous Tree Club is added to the city to create an ecological corner park of urban landscape. In the later stage, it will be used as the gate of Anqing National Economic Development Zone, a new city label and a new landmark. This area will also be retained permanently here.

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Project Name

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Anqing, Anhui Province, China

Jiao Qinghe, Chen Jie, Wang Yechen, Ran Jiangtao, Huang Xijiang, Qu Xiaoqi, Ye Shengdan, Luo Haoming, Chen Hui, Liu Di, Su Bingyi, Zhu Yu, Zou Ting, Liang Sheng, Lin Qingqiu, Wang Zhengjie, Li Qian, Wang Sibo, Xuan Wenjin, Yuan Ze, Zhang Ye, Lin Feng, Lian Peipei, Ding Juliang, Pan Yuhang


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