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Chongqing Jialian Landscape Design Co., Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Greentown·Flower Park Mansion is located in the CBD area of Yizhuang town and is close to the subway. Relying on the multiple values of ecology, education and commerce, it builds a friendly living atmosphere that meets the functional needs of all age groups. The unique layout including one axis, one circle and five courtyards has created a pleasant garden one can explore and enjoy the fun and vitality of being close to nature.

Ritual Sequence of the Space

The community entrance uses rare plants to create a landscape with beauty of form, rhythm, light and shadow, and creates a sense of dignity for residents. The green island and the water bank, a forest and a pond, meanderingly reflecting the sky and buildings, are vivid and interesting, like an unfolding picture scroll of mountain and flowing water, combined with the highly guiding characteristic pavement to guide the way home.

Central Garden

The central garden is built in a natural way, highlighting the outdoor living room function. The lawn is planted with tall trees as a framework, with ornamental plants to form some thematic plant landscaping, creating a comfortable and pleasant activity space.

The design analyzes the structural relationship of the open floor and the time period of the space use according to the residents’ activities, and implants healthy activities with bright colors in the material, so that the residents can maintain a pleasant mood during the exercises, bringing high-quality and diversified lifestyle choices.

Flower and Fruit Garden

Plant design is a highlight, which deeply combines ecology and culture with multiple layers, forming a multi-functional garden to bring various visual enjoyment to residents in different seasons, and creating an interesting and warm neighborhood. The community also has abundant plants for children to observe which enhance the opportunity to interact with nature.


The landscape design considers the activity needs of children of all ages, and designs three major parks for parent-child adventure, natural exploration, and physical training respectively, to maximize the entertainment, socialization and other growth needs for children at different ages.

Project Details
Chongqing Jialian Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Zhang Zhang

Project Name
Greentown · Flower Park Mansion

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Concept

Project Location
Yizhuang New Town, Daxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing

Chief Designer: Zhang Zhang, Changming Xu Design team: Lin Tang, Guangcheng Shao, Junlu Wang


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