Greentown · Moon Lotus Mansion | Chongqing Jialian Landscape Design Co., Ltd. | World Design Awards 2022

Chongqing Jialian Landscape Design Co., Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. This project is located in Yuhang District in the ancient city of Hangzhou. The landscape design is concise and stylish but with a sense of courtesy and nobleness. The pure refinement and expression of nature and culture allows residents to resonate in the delicate and high-quality lifestyle.

For the ceremonial space at the entrance, the central axis is set symmetrically, while the landscape wall shows a grand momentum, making the overall space look like low profile and luxury.  

Across the porch, one arrives at the central courtyard, where the square is surrounded by verdant green plants and the water trickles sluggishly, making visitors feel refreshed. The water pours down and splashes, then comes into being dense spray above the view in the water with the curved landscape lines, making the whole scene more poetic.   

The artistic installation water feature is based on spatial cohesion, which brings the free switching of the experiences of communication and display. The waterscape, undulating terrain, and the floating landscape installations break the boundaries of landscape design and provide pedestrians with a variety of interesting walking experiences. Under the wonderful lighting, the shadows of the trees create an artistic conception, making residents gradually feel the artistic romance and comfort of the space.

The design focuses on the essence of life, which makes an integrated presentation that connects nature and life, where nature permeates life with time. The immersive space interaction brings residents the sincere emotional touch, inadvertently capturing the time flowing in nature.

Project Details
Chongqing Jialian Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Zhang Zhang, Zhe Li

Project Name
Greentown · Moon Lotus Mansion

World Design Awards Category
Private Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Tingzhou Road, Linping District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Chief Designer: Zhang Zhang, Zhe Li, Kaixue Yang, Qianyue Xu, Ling Zhang, Tian Tian, Shan Liu, Xiaoli Zhou, Yiran Li, Chunying Qin, Yongxu Wang, Dan Zhang


Photography ©Credit