Greentown • Fuchun Rose Garden by GFD Interior Design | International Residential Architecture Awards 2020

GFD Interior Design: Awardee of International Residential Architecture Awards 2020. This hillside-embedded house completed in 1963 in Danville, California, bears the hallmarks of an Eichler—sweeping expanses of glass, deep cantilevered overhangs, and an embrace of indoor/outdoor living.

The siting and historical significance of the midcentury home was exciting to work with and this project was uniquely ambitious in its schedule and budget.

                The full remodel scope included both expansive interior and exterior work while preserving the integrity of the existing mid-century craftsmanship. Several millwork features were added to enhance and unite the design within each area of the home.

Second Award: International Residential Architecture Awards 2020 

Firm: GFD Interior Design
Architects: Ye Fei
Category: Residential Interior Built
Project Location: Hangzhou
Team: Ye Fei、Tao Zhilan、Kang Huicai, Ge Sicong、Cai Yangyang、Hu Hui, Lu Xinyi
Country: China
Photography ©Credit: Liu Gangqiang, Xu Shukai

GFD, founded more than a decade ago, is dedicated to working on interior design of real estate projects, hotels, commercial spaces and upscale private residences.

GFD emphasizes integrated design quality control, from spaces to furnishings, schemes to construction drawings. And its works have been published on multiple international design media platforms and won various design awards at domestic and global levels.

GFD established a branch company called QIANDU Home Furnishings, with a view to integrating prime design and product resources worldwide. Its team has completed many upscale private residence projects in New York, Sydney, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

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