Greentown • Lakeside Mansion, Hangzhou | Greentown China Holdings Limited | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Greentown China Holdings Limited.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. As a complex that consists of a residential community (160,000㎡) and a commercial area (4,000㎡), the project actively explores a new international lakeside lifestyle in Xiasha, a sub-center of Hangzhou.

In the process from house construction to aesthetics and lifestyle creation, the design takes four innovative systems, i.e. “condensed city, modern Jiangnan, unbounded community and connected life” as construction values. The lake view and the community are fused together in a boundless manner, and the peripheral resources of the city extend the community life. Besides, the large French windows and balconies provide an open view to fascinating lake landscape, and the distinctive spatial organization of “front urban living room and back garden” helps connect with mustered urban resources.

    The project does not adopt the conventional design thinking that uses “wall” as a boundary. Instead, it breaks the boundaries to enhance the interaction between the community and the city. With limited budget, the design not only meets the requirement for facade forms with public architectural features, but also responds to the culture of the water city and echoes with the elegance of local Jiangnan architecture.

    The project integrates city, community and human life from the perspectives of urban living room, multi-dimensional landscapes, architectural aesthetics and intelligent life, and creates a living community that fuses the indoor and outdoor environment.

    The residential buildings combine lightweight, horizontal overhangs and balconies, and the commercial volumes integrate pitched roofs and terraces, so as to better extend the interior and outdoor spaces.

    The apartments are designed with an expansive hall oriented towards the north and set on the side, forming an open integrated space of living room, dining area and kitchen. The design of the overall community draws on the concepts of “urban living room” and “multi-dimensional landscapes”, realizes the integration of the community and outside environment in such aspects as spatial layout and living scenes, and meanwhile links up commercial, supporting and residential functions in a green, healthy and interactive manner.

Project Details
Greentown China Holdings Limited

Project Name
Greentown • Lakeside Mansion, Hangzhou

Greentown China Holdings Limited

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Concept

Project Location
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Lu Hao, Liang Zhuomin


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©GOA (Group of Architects)

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