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Shimao Group.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021 The land acquisition time of Shimao Qinya KanYunTai project is November 4, 2020. The plot is located in the west of Longteng road and the north of Huanhu West Road.

This plot is divided into two plots, covering a total area of 81000 m2 and a total construction area of 187100 m2;

The saleable area is 135300 M2 (including parking space), and the saleable value is 1.998 billion;

Development cycle: November 2020 to June 2023. The first batch will be delivered on July 30, 2023.

The project is located in the south of Longzi, Bengbu City, Anhui Province. Bengbu is located in the northeast of Anhui Province, the middle reaches of Huaihe River, Beijing Shanghai railway and Huainan.The intersection of Railways faces Hefei, Nanjing and Xuzhou.

The project is surrounded by rivers, close to the natural water Longzi Lake and the central landscape park of Binhu New Area. Longzi Lake Park is the most famous park in Bengbu Large Waterfront Park, the planned plot is closely adjacent to the lake rising bright moon scenic spot, with natural greening and beautiful ecological environment.

The project planning starts with Chinese traditional culture and allusions. The six fold atrium spatial sequence realizes the spatial pattern of courtyard in the house and garden in the courtyard. The garden emphasizes the six fold atrium ritual sequence of “entry, welcome, ceremony, garden tour, hall climbing and backyard”. The fine character of ancient Chinese literati lies in propriety, expressing affection for mountains and rivers, and courteous treatment from themselves

However, it is the so-called “six rites”.

In ancient times, the “Nine” was respected – the “nine scenes of Humble Administrator’s garden” was integrated into the community Suzhou garden. Its essence lies in the word “Collect”. After twists and turns, whether hidden in the hills or in the downtown, when the courtyard door was opened, there was a mountain forest spring. It was the so-called “nine collect”.They refer to ventilation and lighting, central reception hall, leisure negotiation, leisure activities for the elderly, reading space, neighborhood reception and social networking, quiet runway, quiet shade, waiting in the door, etc.

The new Chinese style design of KanYuntai not only combines the characteristics of local traditional landscape culture, but also injects the spirit of modern new life

Relax and integrate into different social spaces. The landscape structure adopts the mode of one axis, one belt and multiple gardens to meet the different needs of various people

In combination with the ingenious spatial structure of “six rites and nine collections”, one mountain, one water, one flower and one grass show the elegant beauty.

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Shimao Qinya KanYunTai

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