Guangzhou China Overseas Property Xueshili | Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited | World Design Awards 2022

Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. In the ever-developing city, the scarce functions of streets in the old city areas are a far cry from meeting people’s current needs. This project, a pocket park in the street corner, animate and vibrant, will inject vigor into this site. The artistic sculpture device of ground landscape style and the interactive theme playground suitable for all ages overturned our stereotyped imagination about streets. The moving story, the parametrized design language, the sustainable & climate-adapted materials, and the care to details fully realized the design intensions. The site has become a great attraction immediately after its construction, adding a bright touch to the city, bringing infinite life to the old city.


The project is located in Liwan District, Guangzhou city, south China. In the 1950s, as a part of Guangzhou’s industrialization process, Guangzhou Iron and Steel Factory (GISF) stood on the site. The older generation of Cantonese labored in the factory; their kids grew up with the air filled with the smell of rust. As that special era ebbed, the Factory became an historic site. Today, the masterplan of “old city new district” gradually unveils; a new era where the old city is being transformed takes place in Guangzhou.

The site is located at the portal of the GISF New Town, serving as the main interface for renewing the old area. Vibrant and animate, this newly added supporting facility will inject vigor into this “New Town”.

Situated at one side of the road, the project stretches for an area of about 4000m2. The space designed a decade ago was mostly linear, difficult for people to gather and linger, let alone to use the space. Big, vertical stairs occupied the whole site, with a landscape in urgent need of improvement. The site was unrecognizable and unpopular, closed and rhythmless before renovation.


Ground landscape, which is both an artistic sculpture and an interactive place, was designed innovatively. Waterscape elements and sustainable bamboo that caters to Guangzhou’s scorching summer were used. Plants on the site were sorted out and the majority of arbors were kept. Plants growing at middle and lower layers were cleared to make the space transparent, simple, and bright, yet sufficient for tree shading, observation and isolation.

Hexagonal honeycomb and bee stripe elements were used in the design language to shape the site. Two function zones, the honeycomb park and the bee water theatre, were created to build a place with suitable degree of activities.

The interactive devices, made of bamboo, are in flowing forms pure and natural. Theme sculptures were introduced into the site properly, making the site richer in scenarios and interactions. A number of rest & looking-after zones and theatre spaces were provided so that parents and others can rest and communicate while looking after their kids.


Feasibility of the design was ensured by using multiple parameterization during design deepening phase. Radian and curving rate of the bamboo were tested, making sure the maximum curving radian is within the bamboo’s tolerance range. In structural deepening phase, laser cutting, numbering, welding, and assembly of the steel structure and care to details ensured fulfillment of design intensions. A variety of playing methods make the site become popular once the construction was finished.


A vivid story, reflecting how the city of iron and steel transforms to the city of joy, was invented by the design team. It is about a little girl and a mechanical bee. The little bee fell behind of its flock, got injured in the city of iron and steel, and fell down. The little girl rescued the bee by installing it with mechanical arms and legs. The thus-saved bee brought the little girl to the forest to collect seeds, which were sowed in the city of iron and steel, turning it into a city full of greenness and life, which is, the Huawan New Town.


Ground landscape device, artistic sculpture approach, a site encouraging interaction and playfulness, all add up in this project, making it a platform for community’s social interaction, a play place for kids, and a suitable & enjoyable street space that is more composite, more diversified, and more recognizable.

Project Details
Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited

L&A Design

Project Name
Guangzhou China Overseas Property Xueshili

World Design Awards Category
Public Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Guangzhou, Guangdong

Beijing La V-onderland Design, La V-onderland Industrial Design R&D Center


Photography ©Credit
©Wei Liwei, Lin Tao, Shangguan Jingxuan, Lu Bing

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