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Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Guangzhou is an important commercial city in the coastal areas of southern China. At the same time, Guangzhou is a south subtropical climate city with long summer and short winter, high temperature and humid heat. It is known as the flower city because of its lush plants and many flowers.

Entrusted by Guangzhou Planning Bureau, we have undertaken and completed the urban color planning of Guangzhou. This is the first urban color planning completed in China’s first-tier cities.

In this project, we rely on light and thermal environment analysis to find the color range suitable for local climate characteristics.

We extracted color samples from Baiyun Mountain, Pearl River, ocean, soil and vegetation, studied and summarized the color characteristics of traditional buildings and local color preferences in Guangzhou, and extracted the recommended urban color spectrum with ” a sun-shining color Gouache ” specially belonging to Guangzhou through induction, separation and other color spectrum extraction technologies. The main color tone is the “ sunshine-feeling intermediate colors ”- the medium-high clarity、medium-low purity yellow-grey. This sunny and bright color is most suitable for the characteristics of Guangzhou’s natural environment and historical and cultural traditions.

In this plan, we applied the color matching theory and urban design method, combined with the spatial structure of Guangzhou, to the urban building facade. We have planned the spatial structure of urban color and guided the spatial distribution and change of hue, lightness and chromaticity of urban color. In this project, we have carried out color planning and design for key sections such as historical blocks, riverside landscape belt and arcade commercial street, and formulated urban color planning guidelines and plans. In addition, in combination with the recommended urban color spectrum, we have formulated the guidelines for building materials matching the recommended color, so that the recommended urban color spectrum can be implemented more effectively.

In this project, we are committed to exploring the color gene of Guangzhou’s traditional culture and natural environment, deriving and innovatively applying it to urban space, so as to create a color environment with Guangzhou’s local significance, to achieve the urban color planning goal of establishing Guangzhou’s characteristics with architectural color style and telling Guangzhou’s story in color language.

After the approval of the project, the results of the project have become an important basis for the preparation and review of urban color in Guangzhou’s regulatory detailed planning, urban design and landscape planning, as well as the guidelines for the environmental landscape of Guangzhou Asian Games facilities and the guidelines for the planning and design of architectural appearance decoration of Guangzhou’s urban trunk roads prepared by Guangzhou Construction Commission The basis of urban color design in the compilation of guiding documents for the improvement of human settlements in Guangzhou for the Asian Games.

After the project has been approved by Guangzhou municipal government, its achievements have been adopted by the theme of famous city of urban culture and history and culture in “Guangzhou 2020 – Overall Urban Development Strategic Planning”, and have become an important basis for the preparation and review of urban color in “Guangzhou Regulatory Detailed Planning”, “Urban Design” and “Landscape Planning”. It also serves as the basis for urban color design in the “Guidelines For The Environmental Landscape of Guangzhou Asian Games Facilities”, “Guidelines For The Planning and Design of Architectural Appearance Decoration of Guangzhou Urban Trunk Roads” and “Compilation of Guiding Documents for the Improvement of Guangzhou’s Residential Environment for the Asian Games”. The urban recommended color spectrum and urban color design guidelines in the project have been applied in the architectural color design in several key areas of Guangzhou, provided color guidelines for the comprehensive environmental improvement and landscape construction of Guangzhou for the Asian Games.  The project has greatly improved the urban image of Guangzhou, made important contributions to the successful convening of the Guangzhou Asian Games, and achieved significant environmental and social benefits.

Therefore, the project has won the first prize of Guangzhou excellent urban planning, the first prize of Guangdong excellent urban planning and the national excellent urban planning award in China, and has actively affected the color planning of a large number of Chinese cities.

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Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

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Guangzhou urban color planning

Guo Hongyu

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Urban Design Built

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Guangzhou, China

Guo Hongyu, Cai Yunnan,Li Jinghai, Liu Jiezhen, Cai Wenyue, Zhu Yongting, Li Linchun, Chen Hong,Zhao Jing


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