Guanyun Town Residence | Bluetown Architects | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Bluetown Architects: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. The project is located in Deqing County, south foot of Mount Mogan. The site has beautiful mountain and lake views, including a large golf course nearby, which are rare in the residential development.

The residence site sits at the east side of Guanyun Town Center, which is also designed by Bluetown Architects. The adjacent town center covers healthy senior living, community amenities, feature restaurants, kids play and education, and themed hotels, is the great support to the community.

The residence land is lineal, it runs through north to south, the north side has higher elevation. To follow the gradually rose slope, the site is naturally divided into two parts. The south cluster is the mid-rise townhouses, and the north cluster is the high-rise buildings.

The design starts from the view analysis, in order to see the green view from every household, the townhouses have large glass façade and rooms that extrude from the main building blocks. The high-rise clusters use point buildings to increase the space permeability. There is an 800-meter-long landscape axis extend through the entire site, connecting several parks in series, and facing the open green space.

The building style is an innovation from traditional Chinese architecture, cleaner and more modern, creates the fresh and comfortable atmosphere of the town. The word GUANYUN, means ‘viewing the clouds’, it an attitude of downshifting life style. The overall design echoes the “cloud culture”, forms the high-end downshifting community.

Project Details
Bluetown Architects

Project Name
Guanyun Town Residence

Bluetown Architects

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Residential Built

Project Location
Deqing, Zhejian

Wei Zhu, Li Bo, Hansheng Zheng


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.Bluetown Architects is an architectural design studio based in Hangzhou, China.

It was founded in 2014, currently has more than 130 professional designers and has a Class A qualification for construction in China. The design services include town planning, low-density housing, residential, hotels, education, offices, etc.

Bluetown Architects faces the new problems from high-speed urbanization and the Internet era with an open attitude, seeks new solutions and promotes the legacy of Traditional Chinese Architecture and preserves the downshifting lifestyle into the design works.