Hangho Land · Boma No. 36 Private Club | HZC (Xiamen) Design Consulting Co., Ltd. | World Design Awards 2021

HZC (Xiamen) Design Consulting Co., Ltd.: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2021. The open Western-style kitchen and entertainment area are perfect for parties and recreational activities. In the original space, there were staggered floor slabs and multiple pillars. Designers ingeniously integrated beams and pillars into the open kitchen, which solved the defect of the original spatial structure and also enhanced aesthetic and functionality.

The sunken courtyard provides a serene space. When the 9m-wide electric door at the courtyard opens, transparent glass and wooden grilles perfectly introduce natural light into the sunken courtyard, presenting a bright and open space.

Project Details
HZC (Xiamen) Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Project Name
Hangho Land · Boma No. 36 Private Club

Xiqiang Guo

World Design Awards Category
Commercial & Retail Interior Built

Project Location
Xiamen City, Fujian Province

Xiqiang Guo


Photography ©Credit
©Xiqiang Guo, Jiaxiang Huang, Junwei Ling