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PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. The high-rise residential buildings of the Project adopt the enclosed tower layout of 5° south by west. The staggered tower layout forms a good landscape view, so as to create a good ventilation and lighting environment for each household, and reduce the pressure on the buildings around the city. In the center of the courtyard, point type towers are arranged to form a multi-level courtyard space with mutual penetration.
By creating a transforming entrance space sequence of three entrances and three courtyards, a dignified and ceremonial home flow line is created.

Elevation design:
The facades of residences and public rental houses are modern simple style. The asymmetrical and balanced facade design creates a modern simple, clear, flexible and elegant temperament through horizontal stretching lines. The facade is mainly made of apple silver aluminum plate and transparent glass (partial coating), highlighting the sense of fashion and quality of the Project. The pure and transparent glass curtain wall façade are used in the entrance lobby to improve the entrance experience.
The facades of commercial building along the street are made of Iranian blue-eyed stone, brushed stainless steel, aluminum plate and glass, which represent elegant high-grade grey; through the description and polishing of details, we create a fine aesthetic facade. At the main entrance of the residential area, a two-storey commercial building is combined with the main entrance, and a large area of white U-shaped glass forms a landmark building at the main entrance of the residential area, creating a sense of spatial rhythm of virtual and real changes, which is unified and full of changes as a whole.
Design of house type:
In the design of house type, we fully consider people’s psychological needs and functional needs, and tailor it to different house type, highlighting its advantages, which are reflected in the following points:
① The house type is two high-rise households per staircase and four high-rise households per staircase, and each household is guaranteed to have at least three rooms facing south.
② All house types are designed in full light, and the open surfaces in all directions are fully utilized to ensure sufficient sunlight and unobstructed air.
③ Small-sized house types are designed by use of the refined concept to realize full functions in spite of small area through compact and rational layout, so that small-sized houses can also have the comfort and functions of large-sized houses.
④ Carefully grasp the location and scale of service spaces such as kitchen, storage room, bathroom and balcony, and strive for humanization in detail design.
⑤ Stairs and passages are all designed in full light to ensure natural ventilation.

Project Details
PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

PT Design

Project Name
Hangzhou · Majestic Mansion of CTG Real Estate

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Residential Built

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Hangzhou , China

Zhao Guoxing、Pang Yuning、Fu Min、Ou Qiang、Wu Shaowen、Zhong Qiannan、Zhang Jianqun、Zhang Zhixuan、Xu Chenglong、Huang Xiaohong、Ou Zhongliang、Bai Baozhuang、Zheng Xiaoyun、Chen Guanhua、Xing Xiangpeng、Ning Yuxuan


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