Hexagon Pavilion | LabDigiFab | International Architecture Awards 2019

Hexagonal Pavilion is a modular, temporary structure that can be situated in a freely chosen public space and can be moved around easily. Shape of the structure is based on a hexagon and it has three identical entrances, which makes the design universal and easily accessible from every direction. Dynamic form of our design encourages users to interact with the structure, it is interesting and vamps up the surrounding public space. Form of the pavilion is a double curvature surface that has been panelized, optimised and transferred into hexagonal boxes. The main purpose of our project is light.

That is why it is important for the light to be a part of the design during the day as well as during the night. The structural framework made of plexiglass contains led stripes that illuminate pavilion after dusk. Hexagonal boxes contain movement sensors, so that the colour of the light changes as the user goes through the structure. The main framework is repleted with transparent surfaces that provide sunlight inside of the pavilion. Additional function of the openwork is completing the form of the pavilion by creating ductile, chiaroscuos patterns. Most of the structure is made of plywood and the parts are laser-cutted.

Architect: LabDigiFab
Special Mention – Category: Pop-Ups & Temporary
Project Location: Wrocław
Project Team: Monika Bolda, Szymon Łój, Kiryl Furmanchuk, Orest Savytskyi, Jakub Pietrucha, Marta Włóczyk, Alicja Lorenc, Anna Domagała, Wiktoria Sawicka, Maja Pacek, Katarzyna Lech, Marianna Szyc, Justyna Dmytryk
Country: Poland