Dancing bell | Nanometer Architecture | International Architecture Awards 2019

It is an exhibition work of eight young artists’ exhibitions held at Aichi Arts Center.

From the designated places, we chose the 10th floor outdoor garden, the only outside space, and thought that the exhibition would be a work that invites people out in the severe cold of February.

Under such an idea, in addition to the beauty of sight, we displayed a “bell” that focused on the “touch” experience. Generally, it is not desirable to touch art works, and external exhibitions have problems with work maintenance due to the influence of the weather. However, we are rather good at us when we always touch people and think about the relationship with the external environment.

Well, I want to think of the act of “ring the bell”.

At festivals such as shrines, temples, and chapels, people actively touch the bells and make noises, so that an unusual feeling of atmosphere envelops itself and the feeling changes instantly. Something invisible can bring the feeling of touching the mind.

Our bells, made with countless bells, are different from so-called bells, with triangular cones that are copied while changing the landscape to a bell, and that change shape when the wind or people touch it.

A 4 m high triangular pyramid frame made of a thin metal rod is self-weighted and bent with the weight of a bell. A normal bell makes a sound by the impact from the outside, but it moves while making a shape change and makes a sound. It moves like dancing in a slight breeze, and the bell rings gently. When people touch it, it starts dancing violently. Irregular movement is similar to the fluctuation that nature produces like the sway of the river and the sway of the bonfire, though it is an artifact.

Suddenly, the bell turns into a place that invites an ordinary place to an extraordinary place, and the overlap of the movement and the sound appeals to the mind, and the violent movement makes the movement of life feel. And this is a dialogue with nature and artefacts and humans that visualize natural energy such as invisible wind and gravity. By touching the bell you should be able to get inside yourself and have the experience of traveling the spirit.

For us who face things that don’t usually move, confrontation with moving objects is a new step and will affect future activities.

Architect: Nanometer Architecture/Atsumi Nonaka+Yuki Mitani
3rd Award – Category: Pop-Ups & Temporary
Project Location: Nagoya-city
Project Team: Atsumi Nonaka Yuki Mitani
Country: Japan