Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel Kids Corner | Play Concept Limited | World Design Awards 2021

Play Concept Limited: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2021. The project is located in Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong’s acclaimed oceanic theme park. To match with the theme, our design concept aims to create an immersive submarine playscape that submerges children into an ocean world exploration.

The whole playroom is decorated with ocean elements from wave patterns on the floor to fish, seaweed, and many more sea life on the walls and pillars to represent an underwater world.

The main play structure, the orange submarine is designed using distorted forms and surrealism, to broaden children’s minds and inspire their imagination. The submarine is like a maze. The asymmetrical design and the divided sections allow for a maximum area of play with different entrances, exits, and play routes. The interesting and unique composition of the submarine’s form can be found at different angles. Children can set up various playing routes by themselves freely and ride through the whole structure while enjoying the featured play elements inside, such as net tunnels, climbing holds, and sensory surfaces. Each and every feature are designed to motivate children and improve their problem-solving skills individually and as a group.

The playroom also includes a reading zone and a dedicated play corner for toddlers. Our approach utilizes hueful compositions to make wayfinding and spatial visualization more entertaining and safe.

Project Details
Play Concept Limited

Project Name
Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel Kids Corner

Play Concept Limited

World Design Awards Category
Sports & Recreation Built

Project Location
Hong Kong

Simon Chan, Tony Chan, Gor Chow, Jack Leung

Hong Kong

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©Play Concept Limited

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