Locanda La Raia | DEAMICISARCHITETTI Professionisti Associati | World Design Awards 2021

DEAMICISARCHITETTI Professionisti Associati: Runner-up of World Design Awards 2021. “Locanda La Raia” come alive in an old abandoned building which was once an old tavern, typical of the local tradition. The reconstruction started from research of the meaning of the place and its relations with the landscape: from enhancing the dialogue between interior and exterior. The proportions of the building have been redefined through fills and soil movements to recover an identity more pronounced and recognizable; new openings, different for shapes and dimensions, have selected the most interesting views, and the the same typology matrix was reversed by transforming the inner court on an abstract patio around it to which the new organization of internal spaces revolves. Another strong element of territorial relationship concerns use of the color for the facades: moving away from the local tones of the local tradition, the Locanda, looking for a new one dialogue with the landscape from the will to belong to it, no longer through a chromatic contrast, but as its own declination within the same range colors.

Architectural details, fixed furniture components and most of the accessories have been designed custom. The furnishings and some decorative components have been recovered having care to mix antique atmospheres and contemporary design. Ten rooms and two apartments: each one is different in size, color and atmosphere. The common areas include two stays, two communicating lunch areas, one shop with farm products, a gym, one spa and a pool. In the entrance the garden is made up of a selection of only aromatic herbs, arranged in such a way to form a large leaf.

Project Details
DEAMICISARCHITETTI Professionisti Associati

Project Name
Locanda La Raia

DEAMICISARCHITETTI Professionisti Associati

World Design Awards Category
Hospitality Built

Project Location
Gavi, Italia

Giacomo De Amicis, Luigi Bartoli, Rossella Destefani


Photography ©Credit
©Alberto Strada


From 2005, when deamicisarchitetti was founded, our design approach has centered on making good use of our typically Italian ability to interpret, cross-pollinate and blend together ideas and lexicons from a variety of places, times and cultural contexts. Our aim is to realize projects that preserve a sense of time while providing new and original results in terms of performance and meaning: a synthesis of memory and contemporary. We pay particular attention to connections and to the value of the space between “things”, always aiming to increase usability, diversity and the beauty of places, be they transport nodes or destinations.