HOTWON Data Center | United Units Architects | World Design Awards 2022

United Units Architects: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The HOTWON Date Center is a gateway to the data world, being organized by a closed-loop connecting the reception hall, security inspection area, enterprise control center and server rooms. The design focuses on the integration of the entrance facade and interior spaces, based on a modular system to configure the claddings and service belts. The reception hall is an extension of the exterior canopy, creating a high degree of continuity between inside and outside. The server room presents a sense of conciseness and order, which is consistent with the rationality of the machine.

Project Details
United Units Architects

Yongzheng Li

Project Name
HOTWON Data Center

World Design Awards Category
Corporate Interior Built 

Project Location

Yongzheng Li, Qizhi Li, Xinghua Ma, Liang Deng, Shengli Zhao, Hongbo Fang, Wenbo He, Yanfeng Lyu, Liye Chen, Huashuo Li


Photography ©Credit
©Weiqi Jin

United Units Architects (UUA) is a RIBA chartered practice. The reputation is founded on its creative design of space and form, attention to detail, whilst remaining sensitive to both culture and context. The practice is characterized by a unique design philosophy summarized as‘ The Spirit of Geometry: An Architectural Principle to Integrate Sensibility and Rationality. The ‘Sensibility’ describes their intention to establish the spiritual connection between people and architecture and consequently to make the building a carrier of meaning. The ‘Rationality’ refers to their design approach to integrate building systems into one entity under the guidance of function and aesthetics.