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Shanghai Hanlin Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. Huayang Meijun is a multi-functional urban complex that comprises residential, commercial, and cultural tourism aspects. The project is situated in the historical city of Nanyang, located in Henan Province, China. The project site is the former site of Nanyang Chemical Fiber Factory. As a part of urban renewal, the design and development of the project are in line with the local context, catering to the high-quality life needs and excavating the commercial value of the property for the community. The project has not only promoted the city’s image by the skyline but has also activated the regional economic vitality, leading to an improved living environment for the residents.

Innovation and aesthetics:

The project has been designed with utmost respect for the cultural context of the site, incorporating refined elements of Nanyang’s rich historical and cultural heritage, and blending contemporary aesthetic and modern functional requirements. Based on the local cultural tourism industry, it has created a unique “Neo-Chinese Style” architecture that exudes strong cultural features.

Sociality and influence:

The project has been master-planned with a spatial structure of “three districts, two axes, and three centers”, which allows for the integration of new and old built environments. By replacing the fragmented lands in old and new environments, the project has been able to create a cohesive whole that efficiently and cost-effectively addresses issues related to land, construction, property rights, and standards. In this way, the community can now enjoy multi-level, high-quality public spaces that have been designed with comprehensive aging-friendly features to meet the practical needs of the local elderly population, which represents a significant portion of the community. The project aims to create a future life service system that supports a healthy, convenient, and comprehensive “complete community”.

The project has been widely recognized as a local benchmark for its advanced planning pattern and socially responsible design concept. It has received numerous investigations and praise from local governments at all levels.

Sustainability and environment-friendly community:

The complex is located adjacent to Wolong Gang, a renowned local natural and cultural tourist attraction. The development prioritizes cultural integration with the context, ecological preservation, and the sustainable operation of the community. The internal planning of the community focuses on maximizing the distance between buildings while incorporating natural landscapes to ensure ecological continuity with the surrounding environment and create symbolic spatial nodes. Additionally, the community promotes green traffic by arranging walking and cycling paths, providing new energy vehicle charging equipment, and implementing measures to separate pedestrians and vehicles. There are designated areas for trash recycling and resource recovery. The utilization of sponge city measures, such as permeable pavement and water harvesting for irrigation reuse, further enhances the sustainability of the project.

Project Details
Shanghai Hanlin Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Wang Peng

Project Name
Huayang Meijun, Nanyang

Housing More than 5 Floors Concept

Project Location
Nanyang, Henan province, China

Chief Designer: Wang Peng, Zhang Hao; Design team: Dong Wei, Xu Yifan, Lin Zhidong, Lian Ruikai, Liu Yan, Li Xun, Zhang Yue; Commercial design collaborator: Shanghai BAIN Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd.


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