IMAK Ofset Management Office | EDDA Architecture | International Architecture Awards 2019

Creating examples with its office projects for a functional concept integrated with a modern and transparent design approach by also taking into account office needs and user demands, EDDA Architecture is designed the interiors of the Management Office building of Imak Ofset again by adopting its unique, dynamic and functional style. EDDA Architecture aims to provide a lively and motivating working environment by combining different design elements in a unique style and bringing the corporate identity of the company to the forefront with the colours and materials used and the interior landscape created, which is also integrated with technology and brings the user communication level to the maximum.

Designing the management office building floors of İmak Ofset covering an area of 2500 square meters, EDDA Architecture has, in line with the request of the customer, divided the different functions and departments on three separate floors. The entrance to the management office building has been designed in a circular form, shaping the reception and waiting areas. Such organic forms have also been reflected on the ceiling, lighting and furniture with the same approach and the three dimensional effect within the venue has been consistently preserved. On the first floor there is a showroom where the products of the company are displayed along with the meeting rooms, whilst the second floor is allocated for managers’ rooms and the board room, together with the private rest rooms and lounges, as well as cafeteria areas and sitting rooms for the use by the marketing and sales departments and all office employees.

Diversity has been ensured among the departments in terms of colour choices on which user requests were also taken into account and a dynamic and modern style has been achieved with vivid colours which will keep the team dynamic during their busy schedule, combined with warm materials and interior landscape. A more minimalist style has been adopted in the managers’ rooms on the other hand with rugs, marble, natural wood and metal materials used. A cafeteria space accommodating up to 170 people, an open terrace and social areas with table tennis and foosball facilities where the employees can socialize and relax and take a break from their daily stress, are located on the 3rd floor together with a training and seminar hall accommodating up to 100 persons and suit rooms for guests visiting the offices from abroad. EDDA Architecture offers innovative and creative solutions and creates a working environment which goes beyond the traditional styles.

Explaining that natural light has been used to the maximum and different social areas have been designed for employee motivation, the Interior Architect and founder of EDDA Architecture Eda Tahmaz goes on to say that they have aimed at enhancing the user-friendly quality of the management offices with the interactive solutions and the materials used in various colours and textures throughout the entire venue, and adds:

 “In the design of IMAK Ofset Management Office building, we have adopted a design concept that brings the corporate identity of the company to the forefront, which is integrated with technology and which brings the user communication to the maximum level. In the management building the departments have been located around the social areas, by taking into account their relations with each other and with the aim of making the best of day light. Working environments and cabinets have been designed according to the working principles of each department and a people- oriented design concept has been targeted.”

Architect: EDDA Architecture
2nd Award- Category: Office Corporate Interior

Project Location: Istanbul
Project Team: Eda Tahmaz, Selim Sağlık, Tuğçe Tunç, Gülden Ardıç, Merve Boyacıoğl
Country: Turkey