A path To The Moutain Top | Leonardo Bachiega Arquitetos | International Architecture Awards 2019

Project close to Cunha, from an order to a chapel where the whole mountain has the site for the project.

On the natural topography of the mountain, a path arises. Two stone walls interact with each other and are taken as a reference for access to the chapel, towards the summit of the mountain.

Along the way, the whole exuberant nature is present, the cross greater symbol rests on the water mirror and communicates with the other forms.

Further along the summit, an elliptical volume sprouts from the earth, taking this path, integrating its forms and curves. A semi – open building, where inside and outside are mixed, passes from the exterior to the interior in discontinuity. The building is born as an ancient aurea, a moment of introspection and an interior look, reflection.

The nature that has always supported us, finds in the project a possibility of creating a mystical atmosphere. Sunlight floods the interior of the environment melts in contact with the water and the stone – the water purifying element. The stone wall that enveloped itself and the environment, contouring the shape.

The stone with time will be taken by a greenish tone, transforming like man and his faith.

The slab hardly touches the wall along the building, where the light enters and as if projected by the opening and its upper light, walks a mirror of water.

The chapel, a volume without opening, except one, a shelter the image of Our Lady Aparecida.

The route is completed next to a belvedere, from where you have the view of the landscape – cross. A space distinct from the chapel, but that completes it. The cross, the chapel and the belvedere stand in a way to dialogue and create a new environment for the whole chapel, a new scale is created, now open, the square and nature in the project with a whole A bank is located intentional way, directed to the cross.

The chapel as a set of organic and rational elements, open, semi – open, covered, arranged along the mountain that give to all the route and the nature of the surroundings

A blanket of shards of stone covered the entire topography of the proposed course.

A path rises from the mountain, level, we see the chapel, and we pass by the great cross that rests in a mirror of water, we arrive at a half-open place, an atrium, the chapel begins to become. 

The chapel is an opaque volume, an ellipse, like a stone, this, the material proposed for the building, the only light that floods its space comes from above, the slab of the chapel does not touch its envelope, an opening is created , runs the perimeter of the building, light gushes its interior. From the drawing of the light, a mirror of water is born, it spans the whole wall of the chapel. Water and light Two elements of the Christian faith, and of all religions since the earliest times, walk together, work and blend together, the light that comes from above touches the water crystal, purifying element.

A mystical place, an oratory, a dramatic space.

Architect: Leonardo Bachiega Arquitetos
Winner- Category: Cultural

Project Location: Cunha, SP – Brazil
Project Team: Leonardo Bachiega, Giancarlo Del Grande, Celso Costa, Marco Chede
Country: Brazil