Jiaxing Jianyiyuan Sales Gallery | Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group | World Design Awards 2022

Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. Jiaxing, Zhejiang, not only has the unique beauty of Jiangnan, but also a fashionable and open modern metropolis. The culture of the water town and the poetry of living on the shore, the aesthetics of space and the life of art are vividly and elegantly displayed in a living art museum with the theme of “water”.

The technological red light in the cabinet, with a low-key and luxurious aristocratic atmosphere, restores the spirit of Art Deco. The exquisite polyline art of the reception desk and the blue rhombus soft bag of the negotiation chair condense the aesthetic rhythm of the space with a strong contrast between geometric beauty and rhythm. The deep and shallow gray wood grains are combined with the red LED light film to form a rational and wise mathematical geometric picture; the clean lines condense into a modern design vocabulary with great mechanical beauty.

Interspersed with beautiful paper art, the graphic design language is transformed into a vivid and three-dimensional story situation. The holy and elegant “crane” and the tender and flexible “water” face the “river and lake” and look at each other silently. Shou, silence and joy.

Jiayiyuan Sales Gallery  is not just a place for spatial display, but a link built with scenes to form a territory of brand-new sensory experience. Symmetry, order and mix and match here are full of diversified and modern “metropolitan” life, as if it has transcended the times.

Project Details
Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group

Tsun Fong

Project Name
Jiaxing Jianyiyuan Sales Gallery

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location
Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

Tsun Fong


Photography ©Credit

Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group was founded by Mr. Fang Jun in Hong Kong, China in 1997. It is an ISO international design group dedicated to creating value with the United States. The business scope includes design services and management of residential real estate, commercial real estate, cultural tourism real estate, and high-end residences. With more than 20 years of development, the group started from Hong Kong and established subsidiaries in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Changsha.