Yuexiu Group • Pinxiu Xingtu Guanhu Club | Kenmoto | World Design Awards 2022

Kenmoto & GZ CONSTRUCTION DESIGN INSTITUTE: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. Pinxiu star map is located in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. It is jointly built by two powerful state-owned enterprises of Guangzhou Metro and Yuexiu real estate. It is the first community-based TOD project in East Guangzhou. The project is adjacent to the transportation hub center in East Guangzhou and is located in the core area of “Guangzhou TOD international new metropolis”. This project aims to build a community library in TOD community and give TOD community infinite vitality. This case mainly analyzes the home returning mode and creates a home moving line according to the needs of human settlements. In addition to serving the needs of returning home to adjust the state, as a space in TOD community, the project also serves other leisure groups. To this end, create multiple functional zones to meet the leisure needs of all kinds of people.

Project Details


Project Name
Yuexiu Group • Pinxiu Xingtu Guanhu Club

World Design Awards Category
Commercial and Mix-Use Interior Built

Project Location
New town, zengcheng,Guangzhou City



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