Jinan Magnolia Garden | GTD | World Design Awards 2021

GTD: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. The project is located at the south of Lvyou Road, which is in the Jinan Hi-Tech Zone. The plot is narrow and long, with a large north-south elevation discrepancy. The project fully respects the original terrain and natural environment, and integrates the building into nature to realize harmonious co-existence. Each cluster is gradually raised from the north to the south, fitting in with the original topography and also creating certain spatial changes at the same time.

The overall planning combines the original features of the plot, and increases the utilization of land through the differentiated design to create a rich and colorful community. In the construction of the overall landscape environment, the planning combines the magnificence of the north part with the delicacy of the south part. And the layout of staggered buildings forms various scales of landscape nodes to present elegant and delicate landscaped environment. The entire plot is divided into high-rise residential areas and multi-storey residential areas. The high-rise area adopts a neo-classical style, whereas the multi-level area adopts an architectural style of the Republic of China era. In terms of style, the architects strove to create high-quality residential buildings featuring classical composition ratios and exquisite details based on the classical architectural style, thereby creating a wholly harmonious building complex yet with rich changes.

Project Details

Project Name
Jinan Magnolia Garden

Zhang Yuan

World Design Awards Category
Housing Concept (Multi-Units)

Project Location
Jinan City, China

Luo Yu, Li Dezhi, Bai Yuyong, Mao Chengyuan, Du Jiahao, Zhang Lingli


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