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Guangzhou Art’s Ark Decoration Design Co., Ltd: Third Prize of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. According to the living habits of the residents, under the limited conditions of the fixed load-bearing structure of the building, the removable wall was revolutionized. Under the condition of maintaining the integrity and independence of the space function, the application of the space function was strengthened to a greater extent; the dynamic activities complement each other with the static rest and enjoyment, and the artistic atmosphere and living accommodation complement each other.

From the whole to the local, the space is divided cleanly, so that the structure and modeling form the geometric contrast of large and small blocks and long lines, so as to obtain stronger practicability and greater visual extension; the perceptual cultural symbols are placed in the rational structural graphics, and the circles are interacted in the square, and the shuttle is natural in the neat.

In line with the residents’ living needs and tastes, the living room integrates the cultural elements of different countries, the artistic texture and color of different times, and puts them into the space three-dimensional point, line and surface to contrast with each other. The cultural elements blend with each other and are comparable to each other. The symbolic attributes and performance techniques are mutually conversational. The space level is more three-dimensional because of the independent artistic forms.

On the premise that fixed wood work and basic lighting meet most of the functional requirements, movable furniture and lighting are accurately set according to the use characteristics of the space and improve the use of space functions. Besides, they also respond to the residents’ artistic taste to a greater extent. Different space functions, the specific image of art painting, and the residents’ life values are linked. The water and ink are light, the landscape is clear and the world is vast The background of the restaurant is a picture of “everything goes well, good fortune and peace” in order to express the most sincere blessing to the residents.

Through the era of cultural integration, cross national symbol fusion, a room diversity, art generation, the pattern of its own.

Life, not all characters and things can be satisfied;

Living can be satisfied by precisely balancing the design of the scale of the home and the room.

Project Details
Guangzhou Art’s Ark Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

Project Name
Ju Modern | Yiman

Wanting Zhao

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Multi- Family Built

Project Location
Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Wanting Zhao


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