Kaisa Stream Jade Garden | GND LANDSCAPE | World Design Awards 2021

GND LANDSCAPE: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. Project located in the core area of Yangluo – the Wuhan New City beside Yangtze River, adjacent to the Blue Jade Necklace Ecological Park, is a 2020 city-level work of Kaisa Group in Wuhan, and it is referred to as one of the most representative real estates in the region.

The landscape of Kaisa Stream Jade Garden is designed by GND Design. Based on the interpretation of the site and surrounding environment, by digging out images from the natural landscape and creating a unique spatial experience with modern design language, the design has built a simple, natural and elegant exhibition experience center.

Design Thinking

How to form a style difference: How to create a unique modern-style landscape while enhance the publicity of exhibition? How to enhance plants’ landscape atmosphere by expanding the front site’s display? How to address the project height difference by creating a multi-level green landscape: Setting up the viewing pavilion and waterfall to form a multi-layer landscape by using the height difference.

Mountain View · Landscape Garden

Surrounded by mountains and rivers·Welcome guests with pleasant music

Based on the geographical characteristics of the project, the design of the entrance ceremonial space shapes the spatial scene with the serenity of mountains and streams. Between form and aesthetics, an artistic conception of life that blends with nature is created, giving viewers a delicate and vivid visual experience.

Sounds of Nature · The Stream

Petals floating in the stream·enjoy the spirit of mountain stream

Taking the unique terrain conditions into full consideration, the designer created an independent, almost floating viewing platform, extending the interior space and guiding people to better enjoy the landscape of the garden. Here, people and landscape are integrated, creating an immersive sensory experience.

Inside the garden, the designer used the altitude difference to form a waterfall, dotted with elegant and colorful foliage plants. A rich and rhythmic spatial order is created from vision, hearing and touching perspectives, showing the atmosphere and comfort of waterscape garden. ​

Seek for Stone · Raw jade of garden

Shining raw jade · embrace peaceful and vibrant heaven and earth

In backyard, the zigzagging trail extends the viewing route, which enables the visitors to get close to nature. Based on different shapes and ornamental characteristics of different plants, arbor shrub grassland is presented, to set up elegant and abundant entrance view. At the same time, combining simple levels with balls, the design connects the Zen leisure space of the sample room.

This project, by using unique visual language of region, nature, culture, etc. and using architectural gray space to connect indoor and outdoor artistically, forms a three-dimensional dynamic landscape flow and creates a brand-new, coherent exhibition experience center with abundant spatial layers.

Project Details

Project Name
Kaisa Stream Jade Garden


World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Wuhan, Hubei

Chief designer: Zhong Yongcheng, Qiu Ge Concept design: Luo Feng, Zhang Aizhu, Gong Haoze, Pan Xiao, Yuan Dongyang, Liu Yun, Yan Xingxing Construction drawing design: Xiao Zonglu, Yan Zongdong, Luo Xueli, Yang Shuguang, Wang Quanxiang, Liu Jinsha Plant Design: Zeng Fengling Hydroelectric design: Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao


Photography ©Credit
©Boqisi Photography