Adventure HQ | Rangr Studio | World Design Awards 2021

Rangr Studio: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. On their first trip to the Grand Canyon, our clients were disappointed at the options in local lodging— nothing available offered an authentic experience of the high Sonoran desert. They bought a 40 acre parcel with no utilities, and partnered up with two Grand Canyon guides who would build and run a set of cabins to host 16 couples with a central lodge. We were asked to design these cabins and lodge within the following constraints:

  • inexpensive;
  • buildable by two people;
  • materials transportable by pick-up truck via a dirt road;
  • off-grid;
  • heighten the experience of desert solitude.

The local building department encouraged us to divide the property into four 10 acre lots, within we could design two small lodging structures using “tiny house” building regulations.

We paired up two lodging units into one cabin. A mechanical space between the units would provide a space for shared infrastructure — water heater, solar inventor, battery, and space for all plumbing. The units of each cabin have porches on opposite diagonals for privacy.

Each cabin was paired up with another cabin, creating communal space between them— allowing lodgers to form ad-hoc communities during their visit. The pairing puts the cabins into a diagonal relationship with each other, preserving the privacy of each porch looking either at Humphreys Peak to the North, or Williams Peak to the South.

A lodge building provides a reception, lounge, and dining space, and is designed to allow a food truck to pull up to a window, allowing the truck to act as supply transport and kitchen.

After hiking the Grand Canyon, we imagined visitors returning to their temporary homes in the high desert, making a small community with their fellow visitors, before retiring to their cabins with roofs etched into the starry night sky.

Project Details
Rangr Studio

Project Name
Adventure HQ

Jasmit Rangr

World Design Awards Category
Hospitality Concept

Project Location
Williams, AZ, USA

Jasmit Rangr, Zachary Whiteman

United States

Photography ©Credit
©Rangr Studio

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