Kunming Jinmao Palace | L&A GROUP | World Design Awards 2022

L&A GROUP: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. The architect leads us into a unique yet practical exploration of Kunming, the City of Flowers, extracting the essence of nature and culture by abstract artistic method. By infusing humanistic sentiments in the space, melting urban characters and lifestyles by the language of design, a peaceful and quiet residence themed by forests and mountains.

Kunming is characterized by its beautiful landscape, gentle and nourished nature, attracting all the souls for leisure and freedom, while the importance of the natural culture is further highlighted in the modern world. The project introduces the elements of Kunming landscape by modern design to improve the residents’ quality of life, awakening and elevating their perception of and attention to local aesthetics of landscape.

Inspired by the nature of Kunming, the project combines five signature scenes of the city, namely the Dusk of Shang Mountain, the Moon of Dian Lake, the Hills of Luofeng, the Lights of Guandu, and the plum blossom of Long Quan, integrating the traditional Chinese ritual of “five stages of entering residence” with modern layout.

Scene 1: the Dusk of Shang Mountain, smartly arranged boulevards, returning home by going through the gorgeous landscapes combining tradition and nature.

Scene 2: the Moon of Dian Lake, still water, layers of water features and trees, creating a residence featured by water, breeze and peace.  

Scene 3: the Hills of Luofeng, rocks as mountains, decorated by green isles and paved ways in ripple patterns, it’s a micro landscape with a spirit of Zen.  

Scene 4: the Light of Guandu, mirror-like lake, tree grates as boats, and the shimmering lights on the pond bottoms, it’s the modern description of the distinguished fishing lights in Guandu.

Scene 5: the plum blossom of Long Quan, refreshing tea, fragrant flower, flowing waterways, nature is the inspiration for the vivid garden project of Kunming.

We pursuit a composition with traditional, oriental spaces by Chinese-style installations, like sculptors, instead of painters. Following minimalism, our rule of design whether for material selection or shape identification, we adopt the original philosophy of design, namely user-centered, to achieve joys spiritually and functionally.

Project Details

Shihang Bai

Project Name
Kunming Jinmao Palace

World Design Awards Category
Private Landscape Design Built

Project Location

Shihang Bai, Zongxi Zhou, Ruixue, Guowei Zhang, Jingru Xiang, Ningjun Yang, Yanan Qiao, Linghao Qing


Photography ©Credit

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