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Shanghai Fangxiang Landscape Design Co., Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Every city has its own unique atmosphere and space environment. Qingdao’s charm comes from its pleasant natural environment: the sea, sunshine, green mountains, pine trees… Qingdao people’s love for the sea can be said to be innate, and become a kind of aesthetic attitude of life and residence.

Strolling along the coast of Qingdao Badaguan, stone beach and sea water interweave, the shadows of trees under the black pine forest whirl and crowd with people. This is the most characteristic mark of Qingdao old city. Located in the emerging west Coast new District, The demonstration area landscape is designed to integrate Qingdao’s natural fragments into the future life of the new district. Through the “forest gate”, “stone path” and “pine shadow” three different courtyards, the tour line is organized to slowly unfold a modern aesthetic picture of “pine shadow”.

Through the exquisite stone path, the space suddenly opens up. Water beach interweave, pine shadow whirling, the natural fragment with Qingdao regional characteristics is concentrated in this central courtyard. The selected black pine forests, each winding in a different direction, demonstrate the strength of nature, as if standing between the rocks of the sea. The minimalist geometric waterscape and the green island form an abstract and varied space scene. With different perspectives, the waterfront and tree shadows form a series of interesting scenes.

At night, when the lights came on, the mist rose from the pond among the pines. Warm lamplight and pine shadow are indistinct and indistinct, indicating a hazy and obscure atmosphere. Visitors who step here are seated by the window, and what they see is a modern landscape painting with the combination of nature and culture.

Project Details
Shanghai Fangxiang Landscape Design Co., Ltd

Shanghai Fangxiang Landscape Design Co., Ltd

Project Name
Qingdao Yingdu Reception Room Aesthetic Center

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Qingdao, Shandong, China

Hongtai Li, Lingfeng Chen, Hui Jin, Xuehen Chang, Danlei Liao, Wenqi Li, Jing Hao, Yuntao Xu


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©Shanghai Fangxiang Landscape Design Co., Ltd

Fangxiang studio was founded in Shanghai, China. We are seeking the growth and integration between nature and space. All our works are devoted to establish the balance and vibrant relationship of human,natural and society.

Fangxiang, the characters excerpted from the Book of Superfluous Things, contain the feelings of oriental nature and humanities. The gardens originate in the basic perception of nature and life. So we try to transcend the boundaries of daily space, with the original intention of back to nature.

Fangxiang aims to respond to the special circumstances of each project and provide the innovative solutions for our clients, with our clear logic and excellent imagination. We prefer to show the modern natural landscape full of  the oriental gentle emotions.

Fangxiang’s core spirit is the belief of natural power. We are seeking more appropriate design strategies to coordinate the relationship of human, field and nature. So then the users of the space will be guided to discover the beauty of nature and  feel the connection of all things in nature.