Lake Cheung Chau Garden | Zhejiang Mingpin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. | World Design Awards 2023

Zhejiang Mingpin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Inspired by residences in Nordic towns, the overall design uses tiled flooring, wooden houses, windmills, and stork nests that symbolize good luck to showcase the Nordic style. The open living room makes the space transparent and avoids visual oppression. Without master lights, it reduces complicated decorative lines to create a light and lively space through the suspended lighting.

In the selection of materials, wood grain materials match with environmentally friendly paint. The low-saturation color system of linen, gray, and wood in the public area and the bedroom creates a pure and quiet space. As logs are a vital element of the Nordic style, the sofa background wall in the living room uses the floor material to increase the application of the log and add a natural atmosphere. The white latex paint wall and the wooden floor create a warm and soft texture. With dark gray embellishments, the overall space is simple and beautiful.

The living area includes the master bedroom and the children’s room. The master bedroom is a private space belonging to the couple. The tatami on the leisure balcony creates a separate study space, where they can read and drink tea. Based on the wooden color scheme, the wooden furniture with linen embellishments make the color unified. In the children’s bedroom, based on the color consistency of the overall space, some childishness is added to the choice of bedding. The wardrobe in the children’s room removes the traditional one-door-to-top form but combines the bedside table and closet with interspersed techniques to show the agility of the children’s room.

The kitchen and bathroom feature bold use of materials. The floor of the kitchen adopts geometric pattern tiles to increase vitality. The bathroom is more individual and the combination of waterproof art paint and art strip bricks creates the visual impact of color and material, integrating the Nordic and modern styles.

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Zhejiang Mingpin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Chen Shi

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Lake Cheung Chau Garden

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Residential Interior Built

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Zhejiang Mingpin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.


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The word “Ming” originally referred to inscriptions engraved on utensils to serve as reminders by describing the merits and virtues.

Meanwhile, “Pin” means numerous, as the Chinese character “品” is formed by the three mouths(口) which symbolizes a majority of people.

By combining these words, the name Mingpin suggests a vision of producing high-quality products.

Established in 2002, Mingpin Decoration now boasts over 50 branches in the Yangtze River Delta region of China. With a team of over 2,000 employees, the company offers a wide range of services including home and public decoration, mansion design,  customization, electrical appliance installation, partial decoration, soft decoration, and more.