Landspace Courtyards | SHANGHAI ZF ARCHITECTS | World Design Awards 2023

SHANGHAI ZF ARCHITECTS: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The project is located in Bengbu, Anhui Province, the place is not only the popular center of Bengbu’s main city, but also occupies the superior natural resources of “Three Mountains, one corridor and two lakes”.

Design Challenge:

The design is a combination of landscape and architecture design language frame“Landscape” and“City”, with modern means, heritage courtyard cultural essence, with a rare chinese-style courtyard appearance, surrounded by a world.

Design Strategy

In planning, the project will bring in the surrounding natural environment resources, break the traditional regulation of green space along the street, centralized green space and belt-shaped green space integration design, through the free form of Landscape Plaza, the skyline is gradually lowered from north to south, creating a richer and more flexible urban interface.

Design Innovation

The building reconstructs the space and elements of the traditional courtyard, adopts the new Chinese style, drawing lessons from the modernism, and sets off the upright, elegant and pure poetic feeling and rhythm of the modern Oriental culture with the bright vertical lines. Single House in a mirror relationship to gather into a row, double-row by the client connection group, increased contact at the same time. Settlement-style layout has a strong sense of ritual, double-row plus end-user contact system to form a U-shaped space, forming a group of large courtyard.

The design uses modern techniques to extract elements of traditional Chinese style. The “Windows” in the Chinese garden design are used in the building. The form is simple and generous, and can be used as an aid to lighting and ventilation, it also enriches the interest of architecture. Drawing technique, outline the boundary, white wall for paper, ink line feet, exquisite expression of details, enhance the quality and precision of the building.

Project Details


Project Name
Landspace Courtyards

World Design Awards Category
Residential Apartment Built

Project Location
Bengbu, Anhui Province, China

Chen Rongguang, Lv Haibei, Zhang Fayong, Fu Zizheng, Wu Tingkun, Zhao Wanyue, Xu Shanhui, Wang Mengyu


Photography ©Credit
©Li Wei

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