LANSHANXIAO · TA ART GALLERY | DFE Design | World Design Awards 2023

DFE Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Surrounded by Mianyang Science and Technology Talent Park, Administrative Service Center and Education Zone, the project adds a sense of richness to the bustling street scene, reflecting the intersection of scientific technology and the humanities.

The “Mountain”rising up from the earth is the initial constructing concept. Mountain, is all about life, according to which building in mountain makes Lanshanxiao distinguishing. Uniqueness yet abruptness of new architecture is given by irregular constructing approach. When people’s vision extending from the nature to science park, its modern meaning becomes more apparent.  

Besides sales, club and art gallery, the possibility of commercial transformation has also been taken into account to manifest its flexibility at different times. The clubhouse is not only a swimming pool, but also a place for negotiation. The art gallery is more than a touring experience, in combination with salon, exhibition, layer, roof terrace and sunken landscape. This innovative planning weakens the boundaries of the field, fulfills the visual experience and satisfies visitors’ interests in exploring freely.  

Indoors and outdoors, functions and levels have formed multiple combinations and come together as one. Sandwich construction makes the space more dynamic and multi-functional, blurring the boundaries, leaving no dead-ends and vivifying the paths.

Broken lines, tangent planes, glass facades, limitless art stretches, plants, curtains of water are the poetic conception of nature itself, becoming the best carrier of scenery. When you linger for art, you will notice it enriches itself. It conveys the idea of putting art into daily life: imagining the futuristic life through art and feeling the art in normal life.

Design is liberal, but result is rational.This project sets art free from marketing, hoping to measure life with artistic standards, blending the art and culture, reorganizing structural grids of diversity, in order to interpret creativeness and function of space, leading urban life into unlimited ideals.

Project Details
DFE Design

Vincent Zhao

Project Name

World Design Awards Category
Commercial and Exhibition Interior Built

Project Location

Xiao Xiao, Junnan Wang, Yaning Liu, Renzhong Wang, Xiangui He, Han Wang, Yunxiang Liao


Photography ©Credit
©Shi-Fang Photography

Chengdu DFE Interior Design Co., Ltd., starting from the needs of people, advocates the design spirit of “design is boundless, and discovery is eternal”, and follows 3 principles: strategy, locality and resonance. DFE Design pays attention to the emotional and scene-based experience of people in the space, and has won many domestic and international awards for real estate spaces, rural revitalization and urban renewal projects.

With a forward-looking international vision, DFE Design maintains continuous and sensitive exploration of the market, business, and space experience. During the design process, DFE Design adhere to the six design concepts of “customer-oriented core value”, “multi-discipline integrated design”, “leading the new era of life aesthetics”, “giving clients premium spaces”, “improving brand value”, “post-supervision and quality assurance”. We never pursue the online celebrity’s culture that “everyone is the same”, but to explore the essence of spaces, research and give new expressions, and share concepts with target customer groups to carry out our strategic guidance for reshaping their brands.