Le corti di Bixio by SA-Architecture | World Design Awards 2020

Sa-Architecture: Honorable Mention of World Design Awards 2020. “Le Corti di Bixio” is located in the heart of Milan city center, just a few meters far from the well-known neighborhood “Porta Venezia” which is famous to be a rich-history and charming neighborhood of Milan bearing the signs of one of the most important fashions of the city in the early twentieth century: the liberty. Indeed, art nouveau is still the protagonist in these zones. Speaking of art, one cannot forget to point out just a short distance away, once you passed the ramparts and crossed the most evocative city park in Milan ( the Porta Venezia gardens dedicated to Indro Montanelli), you can reach the PAC, Pavilion of Contemporary Art.

The zone is known as one of the fastest growing real estate areas of the past months as well.  Its surroundings are undoubtedly valuable, and characterized by a significant urban and visual consistency, being a clear example of a strong and authentic Milanese heritage and maintaining its truly Italian dna.


The project proposes the conservative restoration of the existing 3 floors and the building renovation of the compendium, providing for the construction of 2 further floors on the street side and a floor on the internal courtyard, through the recovery of the existing attic, to be used as a residence.

The building presents the morphological features of the Milanese railing house, a recurring architectural typology in the Porta Venezia district, consisting mainly of closed curtain walls with a series of internal courtyards not connected to each other. The idea consists in accentuating the proportional relationships of both the prospectus on the road and the elevations on the internal courtyard, aligning the top of the new project volume on the road with the ridge line of the adjacent building on the eastern side, maintaining the same shape of the double-pitched roof, so as to restore unity and continuity to the whole of the building curtain.

The design of the glass facade on the street takes up the alignments of the openings on the floors below, which becomes the base of the new building. This façade is protected by a shielding system which is made up of a further form of glazed openings, reinforcing these alignments.

The project with the renovation of the existing building and the creation of the new floors, wants to create a new concept of a modern  and functional railing house. The new openings much larger than the  historical ones and the new glass surfaces allow the fusion of the  external environments with the internal environments, creating a new  more intimate space but at the same time totally at the center of the city.

Visual convenience, living comfort, and energy efficiency are the main features of the living units.

Every apartment presents luxurious finishings, choosing materials of the highest level and quality for the most refined and prestigious interior designs. The central heating and cooling system it’s customizable for all the apartments.

Firm: Sa-Architecture
Architect: Marco Guido Savorelli
Category: Residential Concept
Project Location: Milano
Team: Daniela Bernabei Mariana Orozco

Country: Italy
Photography ©Credit: Sa-Architecture

Sa-Architecture Marco Guido Savorelli was born in Milan in 1965 and he achieved the master degree in Architecture the 21st of December, 1992 at the Politecnico of Milan. He enrolled in the Society of Architects of the Milan province in September 1993, with serial no. 7985. After the degree he has undertaken his career focusing, on interior design and landscape architecture.

For each project, the starting point is the study of space, of proportions,glimpses and perspectives,which then leads to the creation of concept.The strength of the interior space is then transmitted to skin but never overwhelming or altering the spatial concept which characterizes the site. Actually he has also intensely dedicated to retail projects, hotel and residential buildings.